Can Rabbits Eat Mango

can rabbits eat mango

With their amazing taste and juiciness, mangos are a favorite for most of us, humans. But what about our furry hopping friends, the rabbits? Should they have a bite too or better not? Can rabbits eat mango without any problems? In general, fruits are a no-no for our furry friends and especially for rabbits, because […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Meat or Meat Products

can rabbits eat meat

Meat is a very common part of our – human – diet since quite a long while, actually since the very beginning of our history. We’re used to having meat around, and sometimes we feed it to our little furry friends as well. We all know that rabbits are herbivores, but we also know that […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Radishes

can rabbits eat radishes

We often like to give our pet rabbits all kinds of vegetables, greens or not. Radishes are some of the vegetables that we, humans use a lot. While in general, rabbits would prefer a bite of carrot, they might not say no to radishes either. But can rabbits eat radishes, or anything contained by radishes […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Raisins

can rabbits eat raisins

There’s a chance that you’re among the ones who’ve gulped down at least a handful of raisins during their childhood. We have to admit that raisins are among the dried fruits that we like – and probably consume – the most. And most of us often share our treats with our pets. But not all […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Avocado

can rabbits eat avocado

The go-to ingredient for guacamole and why not, amazing parties, avocados are probably some of the most loved exotic fruits by us, humans. Packed with many nutrients and a lot of vitamins and rich in protein, avocado is considered a super food. One that our little hopping friends might get a taste for if given […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Alfalfa (Lucerne)

can rabbits eat alfalfa

  Alfalfa, also known by the name lucerne in countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa, is a perennial plant often used for feeding farm animals such as horses, cattle, chickens, turkey or sheep. But is this also good for our rabbit pets? Can rabbits eat alfalfa? This plant contains a […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Almonds

can rabbits eat almonds

  Known as a super-food, almonds are a favorite treat of active individuals or those looking for a better diet, packed with lots of nutrients and healthy fats. Doctors and nutritionists alike recommend us eating almonds and other kinds of nuts on a daily basis. But are they ok for our hopping furry friends as […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Arugula (Rocket)

can rabbits eat arugula

Native to the Mediterranean area, arugula, also known as rocket in the United Kingdom or rucola in Italy, is a small and dark green vegetable that can be found in most grocery stores or supermarkets around the world. Arugula contains fiber and protein in small amounts and a lot of calcium and vitamin C. It’s […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Kiwi?

can rabbits eat kiwi

Can rabbits eat kiwi? As with all other fruits, your rabbit can try kiwi but with a few restrictions. Rabbits are ok with eating very small amounts of kiwi. You can serve him but only as a treat. There is no toxicity in it no matter the type of the kiwi, hardy or “regular” fuzzy […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Kale?

can rabbits eat Kale rabbits life

Can rabbits eat kale, kale leaves, roots, or stalks? If a short answer is required then, the answer is yes, rabbits can eat kale. However, the answer to that question may become a bit more complex when we think about it in a practical way. What’s supposed to be the right quantity, frequency, quality, way […] Read more »