Rabbit Sleeping Patterns and Daily Routine

rabbit sleeping patterns

If you’re a happy – that’s a relative term – rabbit owner, you might have noticed that your bun is either super active when you’re trying to get to sleep or he’s waking up too early for breakfast and running around when you’re in that sweet stage of early morning sleep. While you might try […] Read more »

How To Rabbit Proof Your Home

how to rabbit proof your home

Rabbits make for great pets. They’re adorable, playful and everybody loves them. But that until they start breaking things around your house. They need a lot of space to run around and explore and sometimes they might even end up in places and situations they shouldn’t be, messing up your house. If that’s the case […] Read more »

Amazing Variety Of Rabbit Sounds And Noises

Amazing Variety Of Rabbit Sounds And Noises

Have you ever heard the voice of a rabbit? How does a rabbit sound? Normally rabbits are very quiet and reserved animals. They are prey animals and don’t want to be seen or heard that much. They are longing for love but they want their time alone too. A better grasp of their thinking will […] Read more »