Can Rabbits Eat Mango

can rabbits eat mango

With their amazing taste and juiciness, mangos are a favorite for most of us, humans. But what about our furry hopping friends, the rabbits? Should they have a bite too or better not? Can rabbits eat mango without any problems?

In general, fruits are a no-no for our furry friends and especially for rabbits, because they can’t digest them properly. But while most fruits aren’t particularly dangerous, some specific ones can be toxic and even lethal if ingested in high amounts. So let’s find out more about mangos.

Can Rabbits Eat Mango

Originating from south and south-east Asia, mango is a stone fruit with a sweet, tasty and juicy flesh. Nowadays available worldwide, it can serve as a very tasty treat for both us and our furry little friends.

The answer to our question regarding rabbits is a yes, but with a dose of moderation, as rabbits weren’t made to digest fruit.

The Problems with Mango

While mango is not on the list of toxic fruits to rabbits, it’s not completely free of troubles either, only that these troubles will translate at most to digestive issues that don’t pose a big danger for your rabbit.

The problem with mango lies in the fact that it’s very high in sugar and acidic content and therefore it’s not a good idea to feed your rabbit mango in high amounts. Due to the acidic content, rabbits can get stomach troubles and even get diarrhea in certain situations.

A rabbit’s digestive system is made to process high fiber foods like hay, but they can’t process sugary foods the same, so that’s where the problem arises in the case of mango or most other fruits. While small amounts won’t pose any troubles, you should be careful with more. Take tiny steps and see how your rabbit reacts. Some may not touch it, but others will get a taste for it, so pay attention and don’t give them more than a few bites every few days.

In general, sticking to mango as a treat every now and then won’t pose any problems to your furry friend’s digestive system and it might even benefit him due to its nutritious content.

The Benefits of Mango

Mango has a lot of health benefits for both us and our rabbits. High in calcium, phosphorus and other useful minerals and nutrients, mango can be a good healthy treat that will go a long way for your furry friend if you keep it as just that: a treat and not his main daily menu.

Other Considerations

Some rabbits might develop a taste for mango and might gulp down more than a few bites if offered the opportunity, so make sure you keep an eye out when you’ve got mango or any other fruit around in your kitchen.

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