Can I Give My Rabbit Garlic?

Can I give my rabbit garlic

Garlic has been used worldwide for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. Contemporary research has confirmed that garlic possesses numerous antioxidants that kill bacteria and free radicals in the blood protecting and strengthening the immune system.

Some rabbit owners will tell you that garlic is bad for rabbits and it’s true that in large quantities it can be toxic, just as most bulbs are, but others and vets suggest that in small doses garlic may also be beneficial to some bunnies’ health.

Attention! We don’t recommend you to try garlic or garlic tablets on your dear rabbit. It’s at your own risk. This may seriously affect his health. Only a vet could tell you if that is necessary in case your rabbit has parasites or atherosclerosis. He is the one that will tell in which way or in which dosage it’s safe to give it to your dear bunny. So don’t try it on your own. Better safe than sorry.

Medicinal Properties

While garlic has traditionally been used by humans both internally and externally for its antibacterial properties, it can work similarly in rabbits. Among other medicinal properties, garlic can:

  • lower serum cholesterol levels in rabbits on high-fat diets
  • help the skin eliminate toxins
  • relax the stomach and reduce gas in the digestive tract.
  • be beneficial for its anti-fungal properties and the ability to combat free radicals in the body
  • can help rabbit respiratory systems by removing excess mucus

Feeding Garlic to Your Rabbit is Toxic

When it comes to rabbit diet, the category of bulbs, tubers, and seeds which includes onion, garlic, peas, lentil, potato etc, is never recommended. Many experts suggest that you avoid feeding these types of vegetables to your bunny as they are generally either toxic or contain high levels of starch.

Garlic and onion are similar and it is known that onion has an immunosuppressive effect in rabbits. This would be a good reason not to include it in the diet of your beloved bunny.

Although it’s not unheard of that a rabbit likes garlic, generally they turn their noses up at it and if it’s not for medical reasons ideally with the blessing of your vet, it’s safest to not feed your rabbit garlic.

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