Can Rabbits Eat Cherries?

can rabbits eat cherries

Can rabbits eat cherries?

Yes, bunnies can eat fresh cherries, all types: black, bing, Montmorency, or dark red cherries. The issue here is the quantity. In general, they like sweet foods and they end up overeating them. We are the ones who should be responsible and informed about what’s best for him. Cherries are too high in sugars for rabbits. They have a mushy texture and the rabbit’s digestive system is not set up to handle in larger amounts.

We would recommend that you give cherries only to an adult rabbit. Only half a cherry at the beginning and after that if he is doing well no more than a cherry per serving. The frequency would be, no more than 2 times a week. For rabbits, an enormous quantity can be made of only 4 cherries, for example. Avoid it! Better to be safe than sorry.

If your bunny eats too much fruit he can develop digestive problems: stool changes in appearance or frequency, behavioral changes, loss of appetite. Stop feeding your rabbit any type of fruit or veggie. Feed only hay and a few high-fiber pellets from time to time. If you continue feeding fruits or veggies this can become a critical health problem for your bunny.

When serving cherries to your bunny

When we are talking about fruits we talk about vitamins and antioxidants. These are their main benefits. Rabbit’s health can benefit from eating cherries, too, but they don’t have the same need as we do. Their body can produce them from hay and vegetables/pellets. His intestinal bacteria will work on that matter. That’s why we need to ensure it in the first place.

When feeding cherry you must remove the pit and the little stalk. Any choking risk must be avoided. Rabbits cannot vomit and that would be a really big issue if it happens. Also, they contain cyanide, therefore, they are poisonous.

The cherry juice can stain your sofa, carpet, and also the fur around his lips if he has a light-color fur. If you have never fed your rabbit fruits that are very intense in color, a good idea would be to feed it from a bowl or from your hand. Better to feed his cherry from your hand. Other fruits that stain are watermelon, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, or cantaloupe.

Do not feed your rabbit cherry twigs, branches, leaves, limbs, barks or any other part of the cherry tree. The cherry tree is poisonous for rabbits.

Cherries are also too high in phosphorous contents. They can produce gas if eaten in greater quantities. Cherries are too acidic, too, and not right for rabbits. Moreover, the calcium content in not either favorable.

Other things to consider

Can rabbits eat dried cherries?
No, in no case. They are too sugary for your rabbit. In general, dried fruits are 3 times sweeter than the fresh fruit. We don’t recommend this fruit in a dried form. It’s not the best way to make your rabbit happy. Rabbits may consider a few leaves of mint a better treat than a dried cherry. Don’t make assumptions! Before anything try new foods on your bunny. As always, feed only a small portion and then wait for 24 hours to see if he can tolerate it.

Can wild rabbits eat cherries?
Into the wild, he will not have very often the opportunity to feed himself with a lot of fruits. He will nibble only during their season on a blackberry or blueberry. But besides that, he will have to survive without them. That will not be a problem for him. His intestinal bacteria are able to produce all the essential body nutrients. He has an intelligent body that can live 12 years or more if only he receives the right type of food: hay, water, veggies (only one cup per 2 lbs of body weight). When he doesn’t have veggies he can have a few high-fiber pellets.

To sum up, feed only fresh cherries, only one per serving and no more than 2 times a week. Never feed the cherry tree. Remove the pits and stems. Not like in this video!

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