Do You Know What to Feed Your Rabbit?

what to feed your rabbit

In general, domesticated rabbits have the same feeding instincts as their brothers still living into the wild. But that doesn’t mean that your rabbit will always choose something good and healthy when it comes to dinner. Especially since he’s not in his natural environment. So if your pet rabbit doesn’t know what to eat that’s […] Read more »

How To Safely Carry and Transport a Rabbit – Part One

how to safely carry and transport a rabbit

Rabbits are feeble little animals that will always prefer sitting at home playing and hopping around, rather than taking a road trip, but sometimes you really must do that. The problem here lies in the fact that they’re very vulnerable to stress, from noises to lights, traffic and too many people around, making carrying or […] Read more »

Rabbit Sleeping Patterns and Daily Routine

rabbit sleeping patterns

If you’re a happy – that’s a relative term – rabbit owner, you might have noticed that your bun is either super active when you’re trying to get to sleep or he’s waking up too early for breakfast and running around when you’re in that sweet stage of early morning sleep. While you might try […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Oatmeal

can rabbits eat oatmeal

Nowadays, more and more people are interested in healthy nutrition and not only for us but for our furry friends as well. While it’s easy to find creative options for most meals like lunch or dinner, for breakfast things are a little bit more complicated or lacking in options. And when most of us think […] Read more »

Rabbit Litter Training – How Do You Do It

rabbit litter training

Rabbits make for amazing pets and that can be seen in the training department as well, especially when talking about rabbit litter training. They respond well to this type of coaching because they have a natural tendency of choosing one or more toilet areas, giving the owner a good opportunity during training. That though, doesn’t […] Read more »