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Top Best Rabbit Treats 2020

When you purchase a rabbit, you most likely need to pamper it as much as required. You must give housing, enrichment, love, and regular food. giving your pet the special treat is an incredible method to demonstrate them you care and help you to link with them.

Benefits of Rabbit Treats

Treats can serve as a form of enrichment. They add some variety and excitement to the daily routine of your rabbit.

Giving treats can enable you to shape a bond with your rabbit. Consider their name and after that give the treat when they begin moving toward you. They will begin to draw an obvious conclusion and begin coming when called. A truly slick stunt for a pet rabbit!

Treats don’t need to be given in a bowl. There is an assortment of approaches to nourish a treat that helps the rabbit think carefully to get their reward. For instance, in empty bathroom tissue rolls. can be loaded up with their food blended with a couple of treats and set around the room.

Make some of the locations obvious but hide others behind furniture. Now, mealtime/treat time is an exciting event during their day! Be sure to not overfeed your rabbit if you try this out.

You could also cut a few holes into a cardboard tube and attach lids on both ends. This way, your rabbit has to roll it around and figure out how to get his treats out. Very satisfying for them to accomplish and for you to watch!

What to Consider When Buying Rabbit Treats

Generally, your pet rabbit’s main food source should be vegetables based. Oats and fruits are better suitable for being rare treats. Fruits can be given to your rabbit once or two times a week. Here are some examples of fruits that might enjoy:

  • Strawberries
  • Blackberries
  • Blueberries
  • Raspberries
  • Apples
  • Melons
  • Plum
  • Peach
  • Papaya
  • Pears

Make sure nothing you give your rabbit has pits or seeds. Apples, for example, need to have the stem and seeds removed before being given to your pet. If your rabbit is overweight, then no fruit should be given. Rabbits love bananas and grapes but they are very sugary. Due to this, they should be a very rare treat.

Grain, too, should be given rarely. It is fattening. The only exception to this would be if your rabbit was underweight. As well as having your veterinarian recommend adding grain to their regular diet.

Best Treats for Rabbits

Finding rabbit treats which offer the most nutritious value for your rabbit is vital. You’ll want to make sure that you find somewhat high in protein, while low in sugar and bad fats.

The following treats would be the best to keep your bunny healthy and happy:

Our choice: Oxbow SIMPLE REWARDS

best rabbit treats

  • 100% Strawberries – There’s nothing worse than having worries about hidden ingredients a product contains. You can rest easy with this product knowing it’s made up entirely of strawberries. It’s always great to know exactly what you’re getting when you make a purchase.
  • Great Taste – Due to the fact these are harvested and frozen dried at the peak of their ripeness. This means your rabbit gets a great tasting treat it’s sure to love.
  • Nutrient Rich – This comes as a great source of vitamin C for your bunny and contains natural antioxidants.
  • Suitable for Other Pets – If you have other pets as well as your bunny, you’re in luck. This is also suitable for Guinea pigs and Chinchillas.

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Herbivore Treats

  • Multiple Vegetables – This is made up of a variety of sweet potatoes, carrots, peppers and green peas.
  • Flower Blend – The flower assortment is a blend of 3 different types of organic dried flowers. This includes rose petals, calendula and hisbiscus flowers.
  • Suitable for Multiple Pets – This is suggested to be used by other pets as well as rabbits. These include Chinchillas, Guinea Pigs, Gerbils and other herbivores.

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Vita-Licious Essentials

  • Nutritionally Rich – Vitamin & Nutrient Rich assortment which is designed to help support digestion, with anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer support. It’s great to know your rabbit can be getting nutritional value whilst getting a treat.
  • Organ Friendly – Supports a healthy digestive tract, healthy kidney and liver function, a strong heart and good circulation. It’s great that these are made to support the overarching health of your rabbit.
  • Suitable for Other Pets – If you also have a Guinea Pig then this is great as these treats are suitable for both rabbits and Guinea Pigs.

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Vitakraft Drops Variety Pack Treats for Rabbits

  • Multipack – The great thing about this treat is it comes as a multipack. This leaves you with plenty of treats to use for different occasions.
  • Tasty Flavors – With various options for flavors including Yogurt, Banana, Strawberry and Alfalfa. This ensures that your rabbit won’t get bored of having the same flavor over and over again.
  • Real Fruit & Vegetables – The formula is made with real fruit and vegetables making it very nutritionally beneficial. The pack is fully resealable allowing you to ensure it stays fresh.

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Emours Natural Bamboo

  • Safe – Despite being a slightly unorthodox treat these natural sweet bamboo check sticks are completely safe for your pet.
  • Good for Teeth – This is a perfect treat for assisting with the teeth grinding process needed to support the healthy growth of your rabbits’ teeth.
  • Multi Animal Treats – Despite being perfect for rabbits, these are also designed for other pets too. Some of which include Chinchillas and Guinea Pigs.
  • Rich in Xylose – Gives excellent nutritional value to your bunny’s diet.

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Our top was updated to 2020. I hope you find it useful!

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