Do You Know What to Feed Your Rabbit?

what to feed your rabbit

In general, domesticated rabbits have the same feeding instincts as their brothers still living into the wild. But that doesn’t mean that your rabbit will always choose something good and healthy when it comes to dinner. Especially since he’s not in his natural environment. So if your pet rabbit doesn’t know what to eat that’s […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Oatmeal

can rabbits eat oatmeal

Nowadays, more and more people are interested in healthy nutrition and not only for us but for our furry friends as well. While it’s easy to find creative options for most meals like lunch or dinner, for breakfast things are a little bit more complicated or lacking in options. And when most of us think […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Onions

can rabbits eat onions

This is a very common question. Can rabbits eat onions? Since onions are probably present in almost every home – at least those where someone is regularly cooking – many people wonder if rabbits can eat onions. But are they as healthy for our bunnies as they are for us, humans? Let’s find out more […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Ferns

can rabbits eat ferns

If left to their own devices, our bunny friends will gnaw away at everything they can find in our homes and gardens. While that may not be a bad thing for some owners, it can be very dangerous to rabbits, as some of the plants one may have in his house and backyard are poisonous […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Flowers

can rabbits eat flowers

A rabbit’s diet will mostly consist of hay, grass, and leafy plants but sometimes, they’ll go for whatever else is available. Wild rabbits for example will nibble away at flowers, fruits, twigs, seeds and even strip down some bark from various trees to complete their diet. Domesticated rabbits might choose your laptop cord or something […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Figs

can rabbits eat figs

The common fig, known scientifically as ficus carica, is an Asian plant belonging to the mulberry family, which produces that sweet lovely fruit we love, called fig. The fruit is native to Asia and the Middle East, but nowadays it’s cultivated almost all over the globe. Sure, it’s a sweet treat we love, but can […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Fennel

can rabbits eat fennel

Fennel is a perennial herb in the carrot family which once grew around the shores of the Mediterranean sea but now it’s available almost all over the world. In some parts like the United States and Australia, it’s considered an invasive species, but it’s also widely used in many cuisines around the globe. The seeds […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Endive

can rabbits eat endive

A member of the chicory family, endive is a leafy vegetable with a sweet and pleasant flavor. We can serve it raw or cooked and it’s a great addition to various dishes. But is it ok for our hopping furry friends to have a little bit as well? Can rabbits eat endive without any health […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Eggs

can rabbits eat eggs

Into the wild, under normal circumstances, a rabbit knows what’s good to him and what’s not, what to eat and what to avoid, but with domestic rabbits, things may not always be like that, as some pet rabbits may have learned different habits when it comes to eating and don’t know what to avoid anymore. […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Eggplant

can rabbits eat eggplant

Eggplant, also known as Aubergine, is considered a vegetable despite the fact that it’s actually defined as a berry (fruit) in botany. Nevertheless, it’s a popular ingredient in many cuisines around the world. Since we love it so much, is it possible to feed it to our bunny friends as well? Can Rabbits eat eggplant […] Read more »