Can Rabbits Eat Dill?

can rabbits eat dill

Can rabbits eat dill, dill flowers, or baby dill? Yes, rabbits can eat dill plants. And yes, rabbits can also have dill flowers or baby dill. Dill is an excellent treat, better than fruits or non-leafy vegetables like carrots, no matter the amazement. Rabbits will enjoy it in a big way. And because accepted fruits […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Pumpkin?

can rabbits eat pumpkin

Can rabbits eat pumpkin? Pumpkin is not poisonous for rabbits but they should not eat it too often or in larger quantities. If you check recommended food lists for rabbits you will see that pumpkin is not really on the list. This is because it’s high in carbohydrates and sugars and, as we all know, […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Corn?

can rabbits eat corn

Can rabbits eat corn? When people search information regarding “can rabbits eat corn?” they find some controversion out there. This is because to some rabbits bad digestion happens right from the start and to others only after a while. The truth is corn is not poisonous but there is a real risk when you choose […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Yogurt?

can rabbits eat yogurt or other dairy products

Can rabbits eat Yogurt? No, there is no need to give a healthy rabbit yogurt. It’s not on the list of accepted foods for him. Even though you may see yogurt drops at the pet shop, which are even worse, your rabbit’s stomach will never be pleased with this food choice. There is a good […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Clover?

can rabbits eat clover

Can rabbits eat clover? Well, there are two sides of this question. In essence, yes, your rabbit can have all clover parts including leaves, flowers, or stems. It’s on the safe side. He can also have clover sprouts. The problem is the intestinal gas that can occur when eating clover in higher quantities. Giving small […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Cherries?

can rabbits eat cherries

Can rabbits eat cherries? Yes, bunnies can eat fresh cherries, all types: black, bing, Montmorency, or dark red cherries. The issue here is the quantity. In general, they like sweet foods and they end up overeating them. We are the ones who should be responsible and informed about what’s best for him. Cherries are too […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Cheese?

can rabbits eat cheese

Can rabbits eat cheese? No, definitely not. A bunny cannot eat cheese. Some digestive-strong rabbits will be able to nibble on cheese but that doesn’t mean that they are healthy or that this is the good way to go. It will not take long until they will get sick. Dairy products (cheddar, cottage, or cream […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Cantaloupe?

can rabbits eat cantaloupe

Can rabbits eat cantaloupe? Yes, bunny rabbits can eat cantaloupe but only in small quantities and not very often. They can have cantaloupe only as a treat. No more than 1 tablespoon per 2 pounds of body weight and only 2 servings per week. These are the right portions. The cantaloupe melon has a lot […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Bok Choy?

can rabbits eat bok choy

Can rabbits eat bok choy? Yes, you can give your rabbit bok choy. It is the kind of leafy vegetable that all rabbits can eat without any major health issue. You only have to be sure your rabbit can tolerate it. Give him a small piece, wait for 24 hours and see if there are […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Blackberries?

Can rabbits eat blackberries

Can rabbits eat blackberries? Yes, rabbits can eat blackberries but only in moderation. Regard them only as a treat. Very important! Feed blackberries only when they are well ripened but not wilted. Avoid the ones that have a pink color. When you think of blackberries you think that they are yummy, that is already summer, […] Read more »