Can Rabbits Eat Figs

can rabbits eat figs

The common fig, known scientifically as ficus carica, is an Asian plant belonging to the mulberry family, which produces that sweet lovely fruit we love, called fig. The fruit is native to Asia and the Middle East, but nowadays it’s cultivated almost all over the globe. Sure, it’s a sweet treat we love, but can we share it with our little furry friends, the bunnies? Can rabbits eat figs without any trouble?

As much as we love our adorable hopping friends, sharing everything we eat with them isn’t a good idea, as they’ve got a very different digestive system than ours and we might only harm them. Knowing that, it’s important to know what to feed and what not to feed our rabbits. So let’s find out if rabbits can eat figs.

Can Rabbits Eat Figs

Exotic in some parts of the world and appearing in the Bible as a sign of peace and prosperity, figs are sweet, juicy fruits with a lot of health benefits. At least for us, humans.

They contain a lot of fiber and are a good source of plenty of vitamins such as K and B6 and important minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium. They also contain a lot of antioxidants which help your body fight against disease.

But while it sounds they’re as good for our rabbits as for us, figs are actually problematic for rabbits due to their rich sugary content. So no, rabbits should not eat figs because of that very reason. Even with that much needed fiber that rabbits need that figs contain.

Why is Sugar a Problem for Rabbits

Sugar is a big issue for rabbits, causing a lot of stomach upset, bloating or other digestive disorders. Usually, natural sugar found in fruits is ok to feed to your rabbit in moderation, but anything high in sugar is best avoided. That goes without saying for refined sugar, which is the worst.

Sugar can cause a rabbit’s body to retain fats and lower the oxygen levels, creating an environment in which bacteria can grow. Also, rabbits are known for having a sweet tooth, so it’s easy for them to eat too much of a sweet thing like figs and then have problems.

That’s why it’s good to keep an eye on your bunny when you know you’ve got some sweet treats around. While he won’t have any troubles if he ate a little bit or if you feed figs as a treat every now and then, that shouldn’t be his main diet.

So, as a conclusion, try not to feed figs too much to your rabbit, as he won’t know when to stop. Keep them as an occasional sweet treat and everything should be ok. Even if your bunny has a little bit of sugar every once in a while, that shouldn’t cause him problems.

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