Can Rabbits Eat Cantaloupe?

can rabbits eat cantaloupe

Can rabbits eat cantaloupe?

Yes, bunny rabbits can eat cantaloupe but only in small quantities and not very often. They can have cantaloupe only as a treat. No more than 1 tablespoon per 2 pounds of body weight and only 2 servings per week. These are the right portions.

The cantaloupe melon has a lot of nutrients. It has a great quantity of beta-carotene, more than apricots, oranges, peaches, or mangoes. From beta-carotene, the human or rabbit body will get his vitamin A and antioxidants. Therefore, the body will fight better free radicals. It also contains vitamin C, potassium, and fibers. From 2 cups of cantaloupe, he will get 74 micrograms of folate.

If your rabbit is not drinking enough water or if it’s a hot day of summer cantaloupe has a very high content of water (about 90%). Your rabbit will be well hydrated. Rabbits can also eat watermelon for a better water consumption on a hot day.

Always check if the fruit is not wilted. If the cantaloupe is not yet ripened it has much fiber, hence, you can give it to your rabbit like that. It’s better than a wilted one.

Can rabbits eat cantaloupe seeds?
No, avoid feeding seeds of any type. Rabbits can choke on them. Rabbits cannot vomit and you will get in trouble if that happens. Remove all the seeds, cut it into small pieces and feed it from a bowl. Feeding it from your hand will avoid getting his fur dirty. The fur-stains are very hard to remove. Rabbits are very reluctant when it comes to water and baths.

Do bunnies eat cantaloupe rinds?
Yes, you can feed them, too, as long as you avoid overfeeding. Yes, they contain more fibers and they have a crunchy texture that rabbits prefer, but they are also full of sugars.

Can rabbits eat cantaloupe leaves?
Yes, rabbits do eat cantaloupe plants: leaves and flowers. Wild rabbits like to nibble on cantaloupe plants so much. Every gardener can confirm that to you. Respect the right quantities for leafy greens, therefore, no more than 1 cup per 2 lbs of body weight. Never feed the leaves or flowers that are wilted.

Do baby rabbits eat cantaloupe?
Never feed fruits to a baby rabbit. They should not eat or taste any type of fresh food until 12 weeks old. At the beginning, we advise you to feed leafy vegetables in very small amounts. Then, after a few months, you can start feeding fruits, too.

Do wild rabbits eat cantaloupe or cantaloupe rinds?
Yes, wild rabbits like gnawing on the fruits, flowers, or leaves of cantaloupe. In general, rabbits enjoy garden plants and vegetables. They prefer the tender leaves of the plant. You will recognize their damage after their tidy way of eating.

What do rabbits normally eat?

Rabbits eat a lot of hay, a few leafy vegetables (from the recommended list of veggies for rabbits) and a treat from time to time (the list of permitted fruits for rabbits). If you are not feeding greens then you can give him a few high-fiber pellets. Plus he must have fresh and clean water always available. By doing so, your rabbit will never have stomach problems.

Rabbits are herbivores and they cannot eat as much sugar as humans do. Besides that, when feeding treats, try to remember that a rabbit’s body is so little compared to ours. Their bacterial balance could be damaged from too much starch. They can suffer so badly from the wrong food, consequently, they sometimes do not cure.

Try to assure variation in your rabbit’s diet. Rabbits get bored very easily. Feeding different types of recommended treats or veggies is a very good way of adding fun to your rabbit diet. When adding new food give only a very small portion and wait for 24 hours to see if there are any signs of discomfort. If everything is ok you can start feeding him that vegetable/fruit more often. If not just avoid it.

In conclusion

In any case, with a few exceptions, rabbits will always enjoy fruits. Some rabbits will stay away from them but only because they don’t know it’s taste yet or because they don’t want to stain their fur (Lionhead or Angora rabbits). Lionhead rabbits or other rabbits that have a long fur will benefit from eating pineapple and papaya. These fruits contain enzymes that will stop hairball formation.

Never feed your rabbit cantaloupe juice or any other type of juice. Is not in their nature to eat sugary foods, especially if they have no fibers in them. Their main dish should always be hay. It contains the right amount and type of fibers that rabbits need most. Too much sugar will quickly damage their digestive system.

Their very sensitive digestive tract is the reason why we should always respect their well-establish diet. Don’t try to change it just because you think his diet is too simple. Seeing that your rabbit is happy is more than enough.

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