Can Rabbits Eat Avocado

can rabbits eat avocado

The go-to ingredient for guacamole and why not, amazing parties, avocados are probably some of the most loved exotic fruits by us, humans. Packed with many nutrients and a lot of vitamins and rich in protein, avocado is considered a super food. One that our little hopping friends might get a taste for if given […] Read more »

What Can I Give My Rabbit For A Cold?

Rabbits can suffer from sneezing, runny nose, and runny eyes, but fortunately, your bunny cannot contract a human cold, as the viruses that cause such misery in humans are not contagious to rabbits. The condition commonly called “snuffles” in rabbits, is an infection of the upper respiratory tract that can result in sneezing, runny nose […] Read more »

What Can I Give My Rabbit For Constipation?

Rabbits have quite sensitive digestive tracts and pet rabbits may become constipated if their digestive system is thrown out of balance. This can lead to death if not addressed as soon as possible. Constipation in rabbits can be caused by stress, illness, intestinal blockage or dental problems, but pet rabbits often become constipated when they […] Read more »

What Can I Give My Rabbit For Diarrhea?

A rabbit experiencing diarrhea is very serious. In the case of rabbits, diarrhea could be deadly if not treated as it can lead to a rabbit becoming severely dehydrated. Dehydration can then lead to a slew of additional serious medical problems. Diarrhea in its true form is rare in adult rabbits and is more common […] Read more »