Can I Give My Rabbit Cat Food?

While it might seem ok to let your rabbit indulge in cat food, it’s ultimately quite dangerous for them to snack on cat or dog food. Cat and dog foods are designed for carnivores, not for herbivores. They are high in protein and fat as well as carbohydrates in the form of grains and while […] Read more »

Can I Get My Rabbit High?

In March of 2015, the US state of Utah was considering a bill that would allow edible medical marijuana to be used to treat select debilitating conditions in humans. According to testimony presented to a Utah Senate panel special agent Matt Fairbanks, an agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), if the bill passes, the […] Read more »

Can I Give My Rabbit Garlic?

Can I give my rabbit garlic

Garlic has been used worldwide for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. Contemporary research has confirmed that garlic possesses numerous antioxidants that kill bacteria and free radicals in the blood protecting and strengthening the immune system. Some rabbit owners will tell you that garlic is bad for rabbits and it’s true that in large quantities […] Read more »

Can I Give My Rabbit Ibuprofen?

Humans often take Ibuprofen for managing pain but human medication can cause complications in rabbits. Pain is defined as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage. The experience is subjective, as different people will respond differently to pain, but animals can’t communicate with us verbally. This makes it especially […] Read more »

Can I Give My Rabbit Grass Instead Of Hay?

The most important thing of a rabbit’s diet should be unlimited quantities of hay, which is dried grass. Its high fiber content is the primary component for maintaining good dental and intestinal health. Without fiber, the rabbit’s digestive system cannot move food through the gut and their ever growing teeth will not wear down and […] Read more »

Can I Give My Rabbit Green Beans?

Yummy! Green beans are hard not to love. They taste great and go well as a side with so many dishes. But the question is, can rabbits eat green beans? Some rabbits like to snack on green beans but you shouldn’t give them too much because it can cause gas and diarrhea. Contrary to what […] Read more »

What Can I Give My Rabbit For A Cold?

Rabbits can suffer from sneezing, runny nose, and runny eyes, but fortunately, your bunny cannot contract a human cold, as the viruses that cause such misery in humans are not contagious to rabbits. The condition commonly called “snuffles” in rabbits, is an infection of the upper respiratory tract that can result in sneezing, runny nose […] Read more »

What Can I Give My Rabbit For Constipation?

Rabbits have quite sensitive digestive tracts and pet rabbits may become constipated if their digestive system is thrown out of balance. This can lead to death if not addressed as soon as possible. Constipation in rabbits can be caused by stress, illness, intestinal blockage or dental problems, but pet rabbits often become constipated when they […] Read more »

Can I Give My Rabbit Hamster Food?

Many people have multiple pets and it may seem easier to have one type of food. Another scenario would be you’re on a budget and rabbit pellets are more expensive than the local hamster food in your area? It might even be the case that there is a shortage of rabbit food and the only […] Read more »

What Can I Give My Rabbit For Diarrhea?

A rabbit experiencing diarrhea is very serious. In the case of rabbits, diarrhea could be deadly if not treated as it can lead to a rabbit becoming severely dehydrated. Dehydration can then lead to a slew of additional serious medical problems. Diarrhea in its true form is rare in adult rabbits and is more common […] Read more »