Can I Give My Rabbit Green Beans?

Rabbit eating green beans
Rabbit eating green beans

Yummy! Green beans are hard not to love. They taste great and go well as a side with so many dishes. But the question is, can rabbits eat green beans?

Some rabbits like to snack on green beans but you shouldn’t give them too much because it can cause gas and diarrhea. Contrary to what many people think rabbits shouldn’t eat a lot of vegetables, rather 80 percent of their diet should be grass and hay.

The Rabbit Digestive System

Your bunny has a specialized digestive system in which can thrive the good bacteria that ferment the fibers of the hay. This results in healthy fats that are the main energy source for rabbits. It also adds extra vitamins and some high quality protein to their diet.

Bloating and diarrhea can occur if you feed them things like green beans that are easily fermented by bad bacteria. It can cause a shift in the pH of the digestive system and upset the rabbit’s system. Diarrhea can quickly be fatal in bunnies so you want to avoid feeding them too many vegetables.

If you have a rabbit with a very sensitive system, green beans can be more likely to cause some problems that some other vegetable treats you could offer such as bok choy, carrot tops or dandelion greens.

The Golden Rule

If you decide to feed green beans to your rabbit, make sure to follow the golden rule. Anything outside of the rabbit’s core healthy diet should be introduced slowly and fed in moderation. Green beans are a vegetable, and vegetables can make for a nice healthy snack from time to time, but they should never be a substitute for what your rabbits need most.

If you or your rabbit are really keen on green beans, or any vegetable for that matter, then limit the amount you give them to small amounts as an occasional treat and keep the hay, water and pellets stocked up for optimal health.

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