Which Rabbits Make The Best Pets?

Rabbits are fun to have around, they are very cute, so it makes quite a lot of sense to try and find the ideal rabbit breed you can use as a pet.

The reality is that all breeds differ when it comes to behavior and personality. Which is why we created a list with some of the most important rabbit breeds that are great pets!

American Rabbit

We like the American Rabbit quite a lot because he is calm and sweet. That makes it ideal especially for those first-time owners that don’t know what to expect. One thing to keep in mind is that these pets are shy and they can sometimes bite if you’re not handling them carefully.

They can live around 12 years, sometimes even more if you take good care of them. These rabbits don’t need a special diet, so you can go with some food pellets, hay and fresh water.

I remember when my kid first saw a photo with an american rabbit he asked me: Dad, what do wild rabbits eat? He was very cute.

Flemish Giant Rabbit

As the name says, this is a huge rabbit, it’s actually one of the largest rabbit breeds in existence since the 16 century. Of course, they are not very fast, in fact they are quite gentle.

They are sweet, and they are ok with other pets near them, which is really cool in its own right. On top of that, they do need quite a lot of food, mostly due to their size. Thankfully, regular rabbit food will do just fine, there are no special requirements here.

The Flemish Giant Rabbit does need a generous amount of space, and they do need to exercise from time to time. You shouldn’t offer your rabbit a 2-level hutch, since the Flemish Giant Rabbit is known for having trouble with steps and climbing in general. 

Belgian Hare Rabbit

This is a domestic pet and it’s also quite restless and active. It’s a bit tougher to own, because they are frightened with ease. It can take a lot of time for your Belgian Hare Rabbit to trust you.

But once he does, he will be very easy to handle. Just like the previous breed, this one doesn’t need any special diet. However, this is a rabbit that needs a lot of space. Adding in some toys and a large exercise area is definitely needed for this particular breed.

Dutch Rabbit/Hollander

The name would heavily imply this breed comes from the Netherlands, but this is not the case at all. The breed itself is coming from England. They were on the meat market trade for quite some time. What you will love about these rabbits is the fact that they have a very distinct color pattern.

They have a black and white coloring that’s special and easy to identify. That alone really makes them stand out and super cool to look at. On top of that, they are known for being sociable, calm and gentle.

They actually love being around people, which is exactly why you want to check them out for yourself. This is one of those breeds where you don’t have to focus on a certain diet. They do need some space to exercise, and you must brush their coat weekly. But other than that, the maintenance requirements are limited.

Tan Rabbit

The Tan Rabbit is one of the cutest rabbit breeds that you can find out there. The first Tan rabbits appeared back in the 1880s and they started to become more and more popular in recent years. They are suitable for teenagers and adults.

Due to their energetic state, they aren’t really good for young kids or for seniors. But anyone else will find them a really good pet. With that in mind, this is a breed that needs plenty of time outside the cage in order to run around and have plenty of fun.

Netherland Dwarf Rabbit

This is a small rabbit, something that you may see right from his name. The interesting thing here is that it can take a bit to adjust to humans. It has a great personality, it’s fun to be around, and you don’t need to prepare a special diet or anything like that.

Which is what makes the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit such an interesting pet, because they are so cute, yet filled with energy and very fun.

English Lop Rabbit

One of the great things about the English Lop Rabbit is the fact that this is the first lop rabbit breed that was developed by humans. It’s also known as the oldest domestic rabbits. People had the English Lop Rabbit as a pet ever since the beginning of the 19th century.

So yes, this is a very common pet breed, and it’s easy to see why. It looks amazing, it’s also fluffy, with short hair, not to mention these rabbits are gentle and very calm. You can also train them with ease, and they are not heavy chewers either, which is definitely something to keep in mind.

However, they need special care, since staying outside can be very bad for them. You just have to brush them from time to time, other than that the maintenance requirements are minimal.

Blanc de Hotot Rabbit

Maybe the most recognizable thing about these rabbits is the fact that they have black rings around the eyes. This complexion is what really makes them stand out, and they are widely popular both in the US and Europe since the 20s. With that being said, they prefer to stay indoors during the day and night as well.

They are docile, fun to be around, and eat a lot of hay. Around 70% of their diet is hay, with the rest being stuff like pellets, vegetables and leafy greens. They do need some brushing here and there, but other than that this is not a very demanding breed.

Holland Lop Rabbit

Holland Lop Rabbits are also small, albeit a bit larger when compared to the previous rabbit from the Netherlands. His characteristic in this place is that he is a lop eared rabbit. That means the ears are not erect like most rabbits would have. Instead, these are very droopy. Something like this delivers quite an interesting look, and that alone does make such a rabbit unique and very interesting to begin with.

English Spot Rabbit

When you see the English Spot Rabbit, you can immediately understand why it has this name. it has a lot of spots all over the body, including nose markings, spots near the eyes and cheeks, etc. It’s quite interesting to have as a pet, since they are fun to be around.

Unlike many other rabbits that you can find out there, they don’t have as much energy, and they are pretty calm. That makes them great to be around, and quite a lot of fun to be honest. Another interesting aspect about the English Spot Rabbit is that it needs up to 2 hours of exerci9se and activity per day. These are calm rabbits, so their exercise routine is not erratic.

Harlequin Rabbit

The Harlequin Rabbit has interesting markings and color patches on it, something that does go to show his uniqueness and incredible appeal. Some believe that this is not a breed and just a color type for a species coming from France. Regardless, the Harlequin Rabbit is a great pet, since it’s playful, it can learn tricks, not to mention it’s a very social breed too.

That alone really goes to show the great appeal of these pets, and how incredible and fun they are in the first place. They are high energy rabbits however, so they will need a lot of space and activity. Thankfully there’s no need to brush them too often, which is a good thing if you want a low maintenance rabbit.

Californian Rabbits

These are large rabbits, they have a thick coat that’s coarse to your touch. On top of that, they are naturally mild and quiet. They can be an affectionate, fun pet to have around. They also love to cuddle and play around, which is really exciting and fun for this type of animal.

These Californian Rabbits are not prone to any diseases or anything like that. They also don’t need special food, which is crucial to keep in mind. They do need some brushing due to their thick fur, and they also require space for exercise. Unlike many rabbits, these thrive from human interaction, which is great.


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There are many different rabbits that can be a great pet. What we recommend you is to pick any of these breeds and check them out today. They are a lot of fun to be around, and while some can be harder to domesticate, they do make for some excellent pets.

That’s why it makes a lot of sense to be close to them and just enjoy their company. At the end of the day, rabbits can be cute pets, you just have to find the right breed, and the ones presented in this list can be a great option!

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