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Best Rabbit Toys 2020

Rabbits as well as many other animals love to play. Since rabbits are naturally curious, they need toys to help keep them mentally and physically active. It is a vital part of their day as it is another form of exercise and social communication with other rabbits. Play is an activity that provides intellectual motivation and a sense of success and toys are a channel of natural behaviors. Moreover, providing your rabbits with the best rabbit toys for chewing, searching, quarrying, and chopping is one of the most effective ways to protect your valuables. Here is our list of the best rabbit toys available today – and updated to 2020 :

1. Bemix Pets Mat and Toy 5-Pack

A great deal offered by Bemix Pets which includes 3 Rabbit mats and 2 chew toys.

One chew toy with organic apple that promotes great dental health and one carrot.

You can get this 5-Pack for only $12.94 and there is also a 6% coupon code if you follow the link below.

The best deal in our opinion!

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2. Trixie Snack Board Logic Toy

Trixie Snack Board Logic Toy provides mental stimulation for your rabbit. Since rabbits naturally hunt food for the whole day, this toy is ideal to keep them active and mentally fit. Logic toys for rabbits are one of the best options since they challenge your pet to utilize their thinking and it will keep them busy. A busy rabbit is said to be a less destructive rabbit after all. To use this toy, just fill the holes using the most favorite treats of your rabbit then cover them with the lid. Afterward, you are ready to be entertained while your little buddy seeks its treats.

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3. Prevue Hendryx Nature’s Hideaway Grass Hut Toy

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your rabbit? If you do, Prevue Hendryx Nature’s Hideaway Grass Hut Toy is the one for you. This woven grass hut will allow your bunny to sit inside this cute hideaway and keep itself busy while chewing on the grass. Unlike other chews, this toy is safe for rabbits to digest so they can pour their heart out chomping on it.

Depending on your rabbit’s curiosity, they can explore the ways they can entertain themselves using this woven hut. Some rabbits actually climb on the grass hut as a way of enrichment and physical exercise. Aside from that, this grass hut toy is also the best place where your pet can relax and relieve stress. It also keeps their teeth short since it allows safe chewing.

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4. Kaytee Carousel Chew Toy Carrot

Don’t keep your rabbits bored for too long. If you can’t play with them all the time, why not give them Kaytee Carousel Chew Toy Carrot instead? It helps to reduce boredom in rabbits and give hours of playtime. I personally find this rabbit toy incredibly cute because of its carrot shape. Moreover, it is made of wood that can keep the teeth of your pet clean and trim while the pieces of loofah floss and clean the teeth. This toy involves safe natural materials only that your rabbit can chew on safely.

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5. Marshall Natural Woven Grass Play Ball

As the teeth of your rabbit continue to grow, they need to be filed back or trimmed down occasionally. To prevent overgrowth, give your rabbit this Natural Woven Grass Play Ball from Marshall. Your rabbits will definitely enjoy chewing on this rabbit toy without realizing that it is filing down its teeth.

On the other hand, many rabbits like chew toys composed of edible materials such as hay more than wooden chew toys. This is the reason why we chose this item to be one of the best rabbit toys.

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6. Prosper Pet Collapsible 3 Way Tunnel

Originally, Prosper Pet Tunnel is made for different kind of cats. But since it has an ideal size, quality, along with versatility, this toy could be a fantastic choice for rabbits. In nature, rabbits are curious animals, but they can be quite nervous too. This tunnel toy allows them to run around and take a rest while you concentrate on other things without leaving them bored.
It has three to four different holes/tunnels that are connected in the middle along with an opening to allow your rabbit peek out his head from those holes. Polyester doesn’t collect hair and what makes it good is the fact that you can fold the whole thing flat. This rabbit tunnel is easy to store particularly if you want to change from time to time.

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7. Kaytee Perfect Chews

Rabbits are as playful as cats. They play with anything they see fit regardless of their real purpose. Kaytee perfect chews are one of the best rabbit toys that could provide hours of fun for your bunny. You can hook it into its cage in order to make sure that it stays while your rabbit plays with it non-stop.

In terms of features, this toy has an assortment of wooden logs, balls, and blocks connected to a chewable kebab. It also includes a metal hook for hanging. To ensure your pet’s safety, this rabbit toy is only included non-toxic wood. It is also a cost-effective option so you can easily replace it with another one when your pet chewed it into small pieces.

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8. AUOKER Bunny Chew Toys

Ensure that your rabbit gets healthy teeth using AUOKER Bunny Chew Toys. It has apple chew sticks that help rabbits grind down their growing teeth and prevent your pet from chewing on other things such as furniture and more. In addition to that twigs and branches allows good digestion and may help in relieving mild pain, and intestinal inflammations. This rabbit toy is also made from natural grass cakes as well as apple sticks so you can make sure that it is safe for your pet.

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These are the toys we tested and recommend!

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