Rabbits For Sale In Indiana

Evansville, West Virginia St. – I have a Mini Lop rabbit for sale.

Her name is Lola and she is a-two-year old Mini Lop rabbit.

The reason why I have to give her away is because I bought her for my little niece but her mother wasn’t too happy about it. She said she doesn’t want to take care of her. 

I tried to take her away to the pet shop from where I bought it but they said they won’t accept her back.

Now I have to find her another family. I will sell her for 70$ (that is the same price I bought her).

What you need to know about taking care of her:

  • You don’t have to worry about the cage. I bought one for her. The only thing you will have to do is to make sure that you cover the floor of the cage with hay. 
  • Also, you will have to clean her cage at least three times a week, including the hay (you will have to change it).
  • Her diet consists of hay and pellets. You can give her treats such as fresh veggies. I’ve got from the vet a recipe with everything I need to know about her diet. Instead of typing everything here, I will give you the recipe.
  • She is vaccinated and spayed.
  • She is not made for outdoor life. Don’t place her cage in your yard because she can easily catch a cold and can be attacked by wild animals. You can take her out if you have a yard and play with her but be careful.
  • If you want to let her play in your house freely, make sure you cover all the cables you have because she might be tempted to chew them.
  • She is extremely cute.
  • You will have to groom her hair at least once a week. Make sure you are not using a wire brush because it might hurt her skin.

If you want to buy her or if you have any questions contact me at this telephone number: +1 812-000-4647.

Call me only in between 9 A.M. and 7 P.M.

Indianapolis, Abaca Way – I have Netherland Dwarf bunnies for sale.

I have six Netherland Dwarf bunnies (four females and two males). All of which are the products of a successful breeding between two Netherland Dwarf rabbits for sale in Alabama.

They are twelve weeks old. In this time we vaccinated them (we can confirm that with medical certificates).

What you need to know about taking care of a Netherland Dwarf bunny:

  • This is the smallest breed of rabbits, so they are not so expensive when it comes to food and cage space. 
  • They are very adorable but please keep an eye on them around children because kids tend to be extremely noisy and playful and these rabbits although are usually calm, might get nervous and as a defense mechanism, there is a possibility to bite them.
  • Their diet consists of pellets, hay, and fresh veggies. Don’t try to overfeed them, they won’t eat too much. Also, try to retain yourself from feeding them fruits because they might get diabetes. The best option is to contact a vet with whom to talk about their diet.
  • Their cage can be small to medium. You will have to put hay on the floor of the cage and change it at least three times a week.
  • They don’t need to be groomed very often because they have short hair but when you do that make sure you are not using a wire brush.
  • These are not pets made for outdoor life. Because of their small size, they are easy targets for wild animals.

If want to buy one (or more) contact me at this telephone number: +1 317-378-5704.

Call me only in between 9 A.M. and 6 P.M.

Lafayette, 3rd St. – We have Cashmere Lop bunnies for sale.

We have four Cashmere Lop bunnies for sale (all of them are girls).

They are seven weeks old and in three weeks they will be good to go. In this time you can think about whether or not you want to buy one (or more).

Things you need to know about taking care of Cashmere Lop bunny:

  • They will need a medium-size cage. The floor of the cage will have to be covered in hay, which you will have to change at least three times a week.
  • Their diet consists of hay and pellets. You can them fresh veggies as treats but you should stay from fruits when it comes to their diet. You need to talk to a vet and ask her/him what you should not feed them.
  • You need to cover every cable in your house because they might be tempted to chew them.
  • They are not made for outdoor life.
  • They are great pets. Friendly and cute they are perfect for families with kids.

If you are interested in one or if you want to address me any questions, contact me at this telephone number: +1 765-853-0498.

Please call me only in between 9 A.M. and 6 P.M.

Also, make sure you are wearing a mask when you are coming because otherwise, I won’t let you in. We are trying to protect ourselves from this horrifying virus.

Carmel, 12 Oaks – We have American Chinchilla rabbits for sale.

They’re excited to meet you. At 12 weeks of age, these Chinchilla kittens (two females) are a sight to behold. Besides their deeper and darker blue overall coat shade, their undercoats complement each other.

Buying them individually should also be fun since Chinchillas can also live alone. Apparently, they’re great at being constantly handheld. Therefore, they’re the perfect pets. 

They’re perfectly in good condition complete with vaccinations. 

Things you need to know before taking care of American Chinchilla:

  • They grow really big. Securing a large area for strolling and stretching proves vital for them. Luckily, these creatures can live in both indoor and outdoor enclosures. Just don’t expose them to extreme heat and cold temperature. 
  • Their diet consists mostly of organic hay that’s peppered with vegetables and fruits, pellets, some leaves, and freshwater. They’re easily dehydrated. So, be mindful of their water consumption. 
  • You can buy them special pellets from areas near me where rabbits are also for sale.
  • The American chinchilla is a rather healthy breed. A once-a-month visit at the vet should suffice. 

If you are interested in one or if you want to address me any questions, contact me at this telephone number: +1 317-827-5553.

Terre Haute, 19th St Alley St. – Meet our Belgian Hare Rabbits for sale.


Our three Belgian Hare Rabbits are called Alfonso (boy), Tardis (girl), and Melania (girl). But they’re all yours for the name-change. All three are great for show and stroll in your yard. With a sizable yard, you can practically leave them alone. 

Moreover, all three are healthy and vaccinated. They may appear sickly every time they’re nervous. It usually happens when they’re left inside the house where there’s too much noise. Apparently, jerky sounds and movements easily startle them. Therefore, they’re best to be left alone outdoors. 

Things you need to know before taking care of Belgian Hare Rabbits:

  • They’re not the pets for tight spaces. An open, protected, and stable environment serves as the best home for these majestic creatures.
  • Belgian Hare rabbits are vulnerable to ear mites and fly strikes. Infection from these parasites include loss of appetite, pained gestures, agitation, whimpering, etc. If you notice these symptoms, have them checked at the vet immediately. 
  • Highly energetic in nature, they’re easily bored in a plain environment. To perk up their mood, add obstacle courses in your outdoor area like elevated platforms, open cages, hiding spots, etc. 
  • They’re vulnerable to teeth overgrowth. Have them regularly checked for prevention. 

The price is 80$ per rabbit.

If you’re cool with this, call me on this number (+1 812-674-1035) asap for reservation. 

Please be reminded to wear a face mask during our meetup. The COVID thing has really been scary. 

Gary, Alabama St. – I have a Blanc de Hotot for sale.

I took some time to think about selling this buddy of mine. I mean: just look at how pretty it is. I was about to name her. Thankfully, my husband advised against it. He knew I had attachment issues. 

Anyway, back to this baby. She’s a 6-week old healthy Blanc de Hotot. She’s 100% healthy, thanks to her vaccination and other oral intakes. 

Here’s what you’ll have to remember before taking care of Blanc de Hotot:

  • Blanc de Hotots shed a lot during every change of the season. However, the shedding climbs peak especially during the spring. The problem is you won’t notice the shedding given their compact body. Apparently, don’t hope for the shedding to appear; groom them anyway especially during spring. 
  • This precious little Blanc de Hotot of mine, like most rabbits of the breed, requires socialization. They are show-rabbits to say the least. Little walks, displays, and socialization with other rabbits will definitely make her happy. 
  • She’s prone to blood-sucking parasites. But, you can protect her with safe anti-fleas powders. 
  • You’ll be awed at how beautiful her white coat is. Eventually, I’ve never bathed her before. Instead, I just coated her with a safe non-rinse shampoo for rabbits once or twice a month. Still, I believe her coat is bound to be as beautiful as it is now regardless of the shampoo. (Call me so I can share you the name of that shampoo). 
  • This pretty girl is uniquely aggressive when it comes to chewing. So, don’t leave her unsupervised in your home as she will undoubtedly chew on your wires, carpets, wood base, etc.
  • Don’t take her small size as an act to build a smaller cage. She may be small, but she’s hyper-active. Apparently, she needs places to hide and stay. 
  • Like most Blanc de Hotots, this bunny tends to be a clean-conscious freak. 

Call me by this number: +1 219-002-6108. I’d like to tell you more about this precious white gem. 

Call me only in between 10 A.M. and 4 P.M.

Warsaw, S. Indiana St. – Take me home: I’m a cute Mini Lop rabbit for sale.

Hi there: I’m a cute male Lop bunny. Please take me home with you  because I’m all alone. My other sibs have all been sold. Unlike most rabbits of our breed, I tend to be more docile, gentle, and sweet. I’m just unique cause I love to be carried around. 

I just had my vaccine shot, so I’m feeling really healthy today. 

What you need to know on how to take care of Mini Lop Rabbit:

  • Mini Lops have strong-scented urine and poop. Clean their cage twice a week to be sure.
  • Although independent in nature, Mini Lops still require time and affection, but not too much. 
  • This rabbit breed is especially active. Thus, allow him to run outdoors at least once a day. In addition, he needs bunny exercises like running, lap-hopping, fetches, etc. 
  • Their diet should consist mostly of either Timothy or Meadow hay. You can expand their diet with some fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh leaves, etc. This creature is easily dehydrated. A low-level bowl filled with fresh water must always be placed or even poured into their main hay meal all the time.
  • Don’t leave them unsupervised outdoors because given their small size, they attract predators. 

If you want to buy him or if you have any questions contact me at this telephone number: +1 574-132-8306.

Bloomington, Davis St. – We have an American Sable Rabbit for sale.

American Rabbit

Behold this wonderful 1-year old male American Sable Rabbit! Compact, rounded, and chubby, this gentle creature could be the perfect pal for your kids at home. While he may appear soft, he’s definitely not disconnected from social games. That’s why we were able to train him to chase-around, fetch, hop, among many others. He’s certainly fun. 

We’re selling him cause we are only university students here. Eventually, we are moving to a stricter dorm that bears a large sign outside saying “no pets allowed” next week. It’s just bad, I know. We tried forwarding him to a friend who sells rabbits in Arizona, but to no success.

Please kiss him for us. 

What you need to know on how to take care of American Sable Rabbit:

  • Make sure to play with him everyday; he easily gets depressed, especially when left on his own. 
  • Their hair tends to be thick. Left un-groomed, their hair ends up matting. Also, they feel hot due to thick hair, succumbing to dehydration in the long run. To counter this, brush their hair with an oiled brush at least twice per week. 
  • Although he can pretty much live indoors, he still requires outdoor exercises. You can just carry him with you during your regular walks. He’d already be happy with that. 
  • Complete with vitamins – vaccine, oral takes, etc. – he’s as healthy as a horse. By the way, he’s also neutered. So, no worries. 

If you’re interested in buying this lovely thing, call me right away  in the number below. We’re moving next week (+1 812-621-4200).

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