Rabbits For Sale In Alabama

1. We have Giant Flemish baby rabbits for sale.

They are seven weeks old and in another three weeks, they will be good to go.

Please keep in mind that this species is a very big one and they need a lot of space to jump around and do their exercises. They are a very active breed, so take into consideration that you will need a very big cage. 

If the cage is small they won’t grow to their full potential. Their size is connected with the size of the space there are staying in.

Also, these are not rabbits for flat! I experienced before to have people that wanted to take them into apartments. Even if your flat is big, they will be better in a house that has its own garden.

What to feed them:

  • Their diet consists of 16-18% pellets, hay, fresh veggies, and fruits. Please don’t overfeed them. Although they are very big and require lots of food don’t try to give them more than enough because they can get easily overweight.

The price is 100$ for each one.

For more information don’t hesitate to contact us at this phone number: 0990786543

2. We have Holland Lop baby rabbits for sale.

We have five Holland Lop baby rabbits for sale, that are two months old. Four of them are girls and one is a boy.

They are very cute and lovable and easy to take care of them. If you have children it won’t be a problem as they are very calm and patient.

How to take care of them:

  • They are simple to care compared to other rabbits. The only thing they need is basic grooming from time to time.
  • They have no hereditary diseases that are unique to their species, but they can still suffer from other common rabbit’s health problems.
  • Be careful with overgrowing their teeth as it can be extremely painful for the rabbits. A diet that consists of timothy hay should prevent this problem.
  • Their diet should not consist of more than 70% of timothy hay, fresh veggies, and pellets. The rest should be freshwater.
  • The cage should not be smaller than 18 inches by 25 inches.

The price is 300$ per rabbit.

For more information please contact me at this telephone number: 09886687890

As another thing that I feel I have to mention: we don’t get the rabbits back! After you bought them from us we are not going to give you the money back. 

We have a farm and this kind of our family business, we can’t sell rabbits and after a period of time to accept them back. As they start to get older it will be harder for us to sell them again.

So please take into consideration everything you need before making this step and don’t transform this into an impulsive shopping.

3. We have Mini Lop baby rabbits for sale.

First of all, please don’t mistake them with the Miniature Lop. Although they look alike it’s not the same breed.

We have four baby Mini Lop rabbits for sale. They are ten weeks old. Three of them are girls and one is a boy.

They are very sweet and playful. They can be great pets even for those families that have children.

How to take care of them:

  • Their diet is extremely important as it can be a trigger for many of their health illnesses.
  • Their diet should consist mainly of grass, hay or timothy hay, pellets, fresh fruits and vegetables, and plenty of freshwaters.
  • Please consult with a vet for more information about their diet because there are some veggies that are not good for them. Having a vet telling you what they should or should not eat is the best choice.
  • They need to spend a lot of time in the open air to run around.

The price is 70$.

For more information contact me at this telephone number: 09987769787

4. We have American Fuzzy Lop rabbits for sale.

We have six females rabbits for sale.

They are very adorable and calm pets. They kind of look alike Holland Lop rabbits but keep in mind that they are different species.

How to take care of them:

  • You need to groom them at least twice a week (they are not like other rabbits that need to be groomed once per week).
  • You don’t need a big cage for them, although we would recommend buying one big enough.
  • They will need some space to run and jump around because they need to do exercises as they are a very active breed.
  • They also like the sun. So, if you have a garden, taking them to enjoy some vitamin D it won’t be a problem. Please, keep in mind that you should not take them outside when is extremely hot.
  • Their diet should be made of 70% hay and ½ cups of pellets. Also, they will need plenty of water. As a treat, you can give them papaya. They will love it. But don’t overfeed them with this fruit because it contains a high quantity of sugar. A piece of Papaya every couple of days is enough for them. For more information on this kind, you should contact a vet.

The price is 70$ for a bunny.

For more information contact me at this telephone number: 0989787667

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