Rabbits For Sale In Idaho

Nampa, Almond St. – We have American rabbits for sale.

We have five American rabbits for sale (all of them are females). They are eleven weeks old and vaccinated.

What you need to know taking care of an American rabbit:

  • They will need a medium size cage. They are medium-sized rabbits so they won’t need a very big cage but you will have to make sure they have space.
  • Their diet consists of hay and pellets. Fresh veggies and pellets are a good idea for treats but before feeding anything to them please contact a vet to talk with.
  • You can keep them inside in your house or outside in a yard. Don’t expose them to any harsh weather.

If you want to keep them outside make sure their cage is placed somewhere that is not wet or cold. Also, place the cage somewhere a little bit higher than your knees so no wide animals will get to them.

Here’s what you have got to do:

  • Inside your house, you can keep them in a cage or you can have a separate room for them so they can run freely.
  • If you want to choose the option where you leave them in a separate room, make sure you cover all the cables you have in that room because they might be tempted to chew on them.
  • You will have to clean their cage at least three times a week.

If you want to buy one call me at this telephone number: +1 208-999-7465.

Sandpoint, Alder St. – Meet Junior: a handsome Californian rabbit for sale.

Junior is the kind of rabbit you’d like to bring with you everywhere you go. Besides the fact that he’s handsome, he just loves to be put in the bag and carried around.

We’ve been doing this since he was 1 month old. Now that he’s 6 months old, he still hops in the bag every time he notices me preparing for an outside stroll. So cute and funny!

Junior lives with our pitbull and shows no fear at all. They’ve been going well together since the first time Junior set his rabbit’s foot on our home. I don’t know about putting him with other pets in your place. Perhaps, a good introduction could be helpful. That’s up to you. Be careful though, rabbits are high-priced prey. 

Just call me anytime if you need help on this. 

What you need to know before buying Junior:

  • Like most Californian rabbits, Junior adores hay. Mixing hay with other food doesn’t seem necessary to him. I make sure he has a balanced diet though. So, I insist on putting in fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious things. Sometimes he eats them, sometimes he doesn’t. But, I make sure he does by limiting hay. 
  • Although he likes hay, he’s a bit picky. He only eats high-quality ones. 
  • Add pellets into his diet too. 
  • He drinks a lot of water. If water is not replaced with a fresh supply in the middle of the day, he’d be squeaking so loud. Demanding prince!
  • He doesn’t need to be caged since he’ll just choose to say in one place in your home. However, if you’re planning to put him in an enclosed yard, secure a cage five times larger than his size. Also, put accessories inside the cage where he can hide in and do exercises. 
  • Put a thick layer of hay bedding into his favorite spot. Eventually, he’ll happily roll in it like a dog. 

I’m giving him up for sale because I’d be fostering another litter of rabbits by the next season. 

Call me between 9AM to 6PM for reservation. We can then arrange the schedule for meetup later. 

Here’s the number: +1 208-699-5293.

Boise, Abbs St. – We have Dwarf Hotots for sale.

Hi there. We have 5 dwarf hotot bunnies for sale: 2 females and 3 males. They have been vaccinated. 

Fact check: this is an extremely healthy and active breed. They’re the perfect playmates for your restless kids. Remember only to keep an eye on their playtime as you don’t want these tiny things to get hurt. 


  • 10 weeks old

What you need to know before buying Dwarf Hotot bunnies:

  • While this breed doesn’t require excessive grooming, it does groom on its own especially when it begins to shed. Take heed of the signs of self-grooming and be ready to assume that job for them. Apparently, these rabbits self-groom too much until they hurt themselves. 
  • You won’t notice much if its shedding since all lying hair would just be stuck in their rollback fur. The best thing you can do is to brush them after every time they undergo stress or whenever environment temperature changes. 
  • A 24 x 24 rabbit cage size is the best size for one rabbit. However, if you buy all five, you’ll need to multiply the 24 x 24 dimensions by five. 
  • Their diet consists mostly of hay, but you can also add pellets, some fruits, and leafy greens for the perfect combo. Also, don’t forget lots of fresh water. 

If you are interested in one or if you want to address me any questions, contact me at this telephone number: +1 208-224-3255.

Nampa, 20th St. S – I have Mini Lop bunnies for sale.

I have five Mini lop bunnies for sale (four females and one male).They are ten weeks old and vaccinated. Their parents are 100% pedigree breeds.

The price for a Mini Lop rabbit is 70$. If you’re into cheaper prices, check out rabbits for sale in Iowa and rabbits for sale in Indiana.

Things you need to know about taking care of a Mini Lop bunny:

  • Although they are a small breed they are not the same as the Miniature Lop and Netherland Dwarf rabbits. People tend to mistake them.
  • Because they won’t grow to large-sized they won’t need big cages. A medium one should be enough for this type of rabbit. When looking for a cage, make sure you buy one with a plastic floor or a wooden one.
  • The floor should be covered with hay.
  • Their diet consists mostly of hay and pellets. You can give them treats but you should stay from carrots or fruits because they are high in sugar. Fresh veggies such as spinach and salads are a better option when it comes to treats.
  • For more information about their diet, I recommend talking to a vet.
  • Because they are a small breed they are suitable for flat as well as for houses. Keep in mind that these are not outdoor rabbits and keeping them outside, in a yard, is not the best idea. 
  • You can keep them in a cage or you can a separate room for them if you want more than one. If the option where you keep the in a separate room is the best for you, make sure you cover all the cables you have because they are going to chew them.

If you want to buy one contact me on this telephone number: +1 208-060-0506. If you’re looking for more rabbits of this breed, I can recommend you to some rabbits for sale near me at reasonable prices.

Please call me only in between 9 A.M. and 6 P.M.

Pocatello, Gary St. – I have an American Fuzzy Lop for sale.

Her name is Fluffy and she is two years old American Fuzzy Lop rabbit.

The reason why I would like to give her away is that she leaves a lot of hair around the house and if I don’t clean right away my daughter will start to sneeze. 

My little girl is not happy with the decision I made but it is the best for her health to give Fluffy to somebody else.

What you need to know about taking care of her:

  • I am going to give you her cage and all of the accessories we bought for her. The cage is a medium-sized one. Make sure you put hay on the floor of the cage.
  • She will need a bowl of water in her cage so she can stay hydrated.
  • Her diet consists of hay and pellets. You can give ger as well as some treats, such as fresh veggies and fruits. I will give you the recipes I got from the vet with all the details you need to know about her diet. 
  • Also, if you would like I will give you the vet number we spoke to.
  • She doesn’t like to be alone in the dark. She always started to cry when there were no light sources during the night. I will give you the night light we bought for her and make sure you are leaving it on all night.
  • Her favorite toy is a teddy bear. I don’t know why but she likes to carry him in her cage and sleep by his size.
  • You will have to clean her cage at least three times a week. Hygiene is extremely important for her health.
  • You will have to groom her periodically but make sure you are using a wire brush because you can hurt her skin.

If you would like to buy her, contact me on this telephone number in between 9 A.M. and 7 P.M.: +1 208-229-1097.

We will discuss the price and the address over the phone.

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