Rabbits For Sale Arizona

1. We have Holland Lop bunnies for sale.

We have six Holland Lop bunnies (five girls and one boy). They are eight weeks old and in three weeks they are good to go.

We will sell them with collars because this is the method we use to identify them.

The girls have collars with pink shades and the boy with a blue one.

Things you need to know about taking care of them:

  • Although they are small you should buy them a cage big enough. For example, if the rabbit (a full grown one) is 30.5 cm, you should by him a cage that it’s at least 45,7 cm width and 91,4 cm length.
  • You can buy an indoor cage or an outside one. This one depends on the space you have. If you have a garden you should take into consideration placing the cage outside because is easier to maintain the cleaning. Just make sure you don’t expose your bunny to humidity, sun, loud noises and damp areas.
  • They need a cage with a solid floor (plastic or wood), not a wire one. Also, it will need bedding on it even if the floor is solid. The bedding should be edible since the rabbit will probably eat it.
  • You will have to put into the cage a bottle of water because they need plenty of it in order to stay hydrated.
  • You can place inside of cage a litter box for them. A medium one for cats should be enough.
  • If you want to keep your bunny inside, the best choice will be to have a room just for them where they can jump around and get the exercises they need. If you would like to take this option, make sure you cover or remove all the electrical cables that your bunny might be tempted to chew.
  • Their diet consist in pellets, hay, fresh veggies and fruits. Don’t try to overfeed them, especially with fruits that are high in sugar. For an exact diet you should contact a vet or a nutritionist.

The price for a bunny is 80$.

For more information please contact me here: 09897678900

2. We have Giant Flemish rabbits for sale.

We have six Giant Flemish bunnies for sale (four girls and two boys).

Whether you would like to buy one as a pet or for its meat he is a great animal and a very big one. Make sure you have a lot of space in your home if you want to buy one. It’s best if you have a house with a garden so they can have all the space they need.

Things you need to know before buying one:

  • This species is a very big one so you will need to buy a big cage. Their size is influenced by the cage they are living in.
  • Their diet consists of pellets, hay, fresh veggies and fruits. Avoid to feed them rotten fruits or fruits that are in general very high in sugar.
  • Because they are very big you will have to clean their cage often. Keeping their cage clean is extremely important for their health.
  • They are calm and patient and in general good pets, but if you would like to introduce them to children you better keep an eye on them because they are sensitive to loud noises and they can get scared.

The price is 95$ per rabbit.

Contact me at this number: 098978767576

3. I have a Mini Lop rabbit for sale.

She is three years old.

The reason why I want to give her away is because I have to move away and in my new flat I don’t have space for her.

If you would like to keep her name that I already given to her, you need to know that is Sharon.

Things you should know:

  • Be careful with her around wires because she chew a few of mine. I had to cover them because she was a really big fan of it.
  • Her diet consists of pellets, hay, fresh veggies and fruits. Don’t try to give her papaya because she won’t eat. I read somewhere that they are big fans of this fruits and it’s ok to feed them with papaya once in a while, but she didn’t like it.
  • Make sure you clean her cage at least once a week. The smell is very disturbing and it’s not healthy for them either.
  • She likes to be pet and have her ears rubbed gently. Don’t expose her to loud noises as she will get anxious and might bite.
  • She is fine with other pets around. I have a dog and they understood each other very well. 
  • Put a bottle of water in her cage because she drinks a lot.
  • She is litter trained. So, if you would like to put a medium litter in her cage it won’t be a problem. 

The price is 100$.

If you want to take her please contact me at this number: 098967554567

Also, feel free to ask whatever you want. If you would like to come to see her, please make sure you are wearing a mask because I won’t let you in otherwise.

I am going to give her with all of her accessories and her cage. If you would like to buy her a new cage, make sure it is at least as big as the one that I am giving to you.

She likes to play with toys for cats. Her favorite toy is a carrot that he chews a lot.

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