Can Rabbits Eat Blackberries?

Can rabbits eat blackberries

Can rabbits eat blackberries?

Yes, rabbits can eat blackberries but only in moderation. Regard them only as a treat. Very important! Feed blackberries only when they are well ripened but not wilted. Avoid the ones that have a pink color.

When you think of blackberries you think that they are yummy, that is already summer, maybe that they have lots of antioxidants, and sometimes you wonder if your rabbit can taste some of them.

If you decide to feed fruits to your bunny, it’s better to serve no more than 3/4 times a week, no more than 1 tablespoon per 2 lbs of body weight. So feed him with a one-day gap. If you want to feed fruits on a daily basis, the daily serving of fruits should be no more than 1 teaspoon per 2 lbs of body weight. There are more reasons why you should never overfeed fruits to your rabbit:

  • Sugars can change the bacterial balance so feed in moderation. Make sure you offer hay and water in unlimited amounts;
  • He can start refusing his staple foods that his body actually needs;
  • He can get watery stools that are so dangerous to rabbits;
  • In time he can gain weight;

Rabbit’s digestive system has a totally different structure than from a human’s body. They are essentially herbivorous. They mainly need fresh hay. We humans can increase our berries intake but rabbits cannot. Their bodies are smaller than the body of a little child. Rabbits can take their vitamins only from their basic diet made of hay water and a few leafy greens but they can also use vitamins from foods like blackberries.

Fruit and especially berries are a great rabbit sweet gift, healthier than the snacks created for rabbits.

Dried blackberries or other dried fruits are full of sugars. More sugar than the fresh fruits. You should cut in half the amounts and the frequency with which you give him this kind of fruits to your rabbit. You will also be amazed to find out that they have added sugar for the taste and artificial additives for preservation. Never feed your rabbit these foods.

Do rabbits eat blackberry plants?

Yes, rabbits can eat blackberries leaves, they can have brambles with all of their thorns. Don’t worry about them. Your rabbit is able to manage thorns very well. What you should care about, though, is to avoid the harder and wilted leaves. It’s better to feed only the stalks and the new leaves.

Wash blackberry bushes thoroughly before feeding them to your rabbit. Have them dry and be ready to make your rabbit very happy. The blackberry greens especially the leaves have great astringent properties, therefore, they are very good for rabbits to eat.

Besides blackberries, there are other safe berry-bushes too like redcurrant, blackcurrant, gooseberry, raspberries, or juniper berries. Berries, in general, are healthier than other fruits. Rabbits are accustomed to them from their ancestors. All the leaf and twigs are safe for rabbits to eat.

Can wild rabbits eat blackberries?
Do wild rabbits eat wild berries in their natural environment? Yes! As berries are also grown in the wild rabbits eat them too but not in larger quantities. They are not able to reach that many fruits. Besides that, they are able to eat berries only during their season, a few months a year. This way they will eat a variety of berries.

Can rabbits eat frozen blackberries or other berries? Berries are very well preserved in the freezer. You can give your rabbit on a hot day a small ice cube with a berry inside.

Can lionhead rabbit eat blackberries? Yes, they can eat berries or other fruits in the same quantity as other rabbits would do. What is worth mentioning, though, is their amazing fur that needs special attention. When feeding him a blackberry feed it only from your hand. This way you will avoid staining his fur. Giving a bath to a rabbit can be a difficult thing to do. Better to be a bit more organized.

You can give your rabbit blackberry plants but avoid overfeeding your rabbit blackberry fruits. This way you will keep it easy and simple for you but most of all for your rabbit. He will be happier this way than eating too much fruit.

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