Can Rabbits Eat Watermelon?

can rabbits eat watermelon

Can rabbits eat watermelon?

Yes, rabbits are allowed to eat watermelon but this is not their foremost needed dish. Watermelon has a lot of sugar but can be a nutritious treat, too. A fruit, as we already know, can only play the role of a treat.

If your rabbit has never eaten watermelon give him a small amount and watch his stool in the next 24 hours. If his stool is softer stop feeding him that for a few days. Feed him the regular rabbit diet that consists of hay, water, and a few pellets. Avoid vegetables, too.

Here is how to avoid any health problem like soft stool or gas when feeding watermelon:

  • Don’t feed watermelon every day. We recommend you feed him 1 or 2 servings per week only. Variation in your rabbit’s diet is key. Too much sweetness can change the bacterial equilibrium from the intestinal tract.
  • If you decide to offer 2 servings/week, each one should be no more than 1 tablespoon per 2 pounds of body weight. You should not give your rabbit more than one cube of 2 inches X 2 inches/week (almost the size of a Rubik’s Cube).
  • Be sure the watermelon is not wilted. It’s better to feed him a not-yet-ripened watermelon than a wilted one.

Rabbits are very little animals, even smaller than a little baby. Only because of a few more slices that are bigger than reasonable, for more days in a row, your rabbit may suffer from soft stools (remember rabbits do not suffer from real diarrhea, only when infected with a bacteria).

Good vs Bad in Watermelon Feeding
1. Even though watermelons are nutritious fruits and he will be perfectly hydrated (high amount of electrolytes), watermelons are not rich in fibers. Yes, this fruit can supplement your rabbit’s vitamins (A, C) and minerals (Magnesium), and he will get easily his water requirements on a hot day, but fibers are so important in a rabbit’s diet. Besides, you can always offer a balanced diet to your rabbit through all the vegetables available out there.

2. Important to mention is that watermelon has Choline, a really good nutrient that will improve sleep, muscle movement, and brain responses.

3. His fur will stick together if the juice gets into it. Think of your rabbit when you give him watermelon. Can he easily eat it? Is the slice small enough for him to not walk over it? As rabbits do not like to bath, you will have to spot wash him to avoid long-lasting stains.

4. If you feed him too often watermelon or other sweet foods your rabbit may start to refuse the necessary foods like hay and other vegetables.

5. House rabbits really need their bonding time with you, especially if you have a single rabbit in the house. You can use the “watermelon treat moment” to spend a great time with your furry friend.

6. Frosted and then defrosted watermelon will have a mushy texture. We recommend you feed it fresh or in the shape of a frozen little cube.

Can rabbits eat watermelon seeds, rinds, or leaves?

Can rabbits eat watermelon seeds?
No, they cannot munch on them therefore, they may get intestinal obstruction. Because rabbits cannot vomit and they can choke on watermelon pips, be careful to clean watermelon seeds before feeding your rabbit.

Do bunnies eat watermelon rinds?
Yes, watermelon rinds are a great treat, too. All the green parts of the watermelon are ok for rabbits. The watermelon skin has two parts, the green part of the rind and the white part of the rind.

We, actually, suggest giving your rabbit the rinds instead of the flesh. The rind of a watermelon contains increased amounts of citrulline amino acid than the red part does. It has more fibers and less sugar. It’s a great treat for your rabbit. Respect the same quantities even when it comes to the watermelon rinds.

Avoid him choking on the tougher and greener rind of the watermelon (skin or peel), by cutting it into smaller pieces.

Can rabbits eat watermelon leaves?
The leaves and flowers of a watermelon are not toxic for rabbits to eat. Wild rabbits like to nibble on them while wandering around the garden.

What about baby rabbits, wild rabbits, or Angora rabbits?

Do baby rabbits eat watermelon?
Do not feed baby rabbits watermelon or other fruits. Baby rabbits´╗┐ or very young rabbits have a totally special type of diet. Until he’s one-year-old rabbits have very sensitive digestive tract. Keep it simple and easy.

Do wild rabbits eat watermelon or watermelon rinds?
When it comes to wild rabbits be careful and introduce any type of fruit very slowly. Watch their stool. We actually don’t advise you to feed him fruits or a lot of vegetables. Assure a diet made of hay, twigs and a lot of grass. In the wild, fruits are a very rare treat.

Can angora rabbits eat watermelon?
What fruit can angora rabbits eat? There is no difference between angora rabbit diet and other rabbit’s diet regarding watermelon. It’s good, though, to give angora rabbits papaya or pineapple when shedding to avoid blockages. Still, avoid overfeeding. One, or two times per week is enough.

Feeding your rabbit watermelon is a good thing but you should always respect the rules stated above. If you do so, everything will work just fine for your rabbit. Never feed fruits to your rabbit if he is dieting.


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