Can Rabbits Eat Tomatoes?

Can rabbits eat tomatoes

Can rabbits eat tomatoes? Yes, rabbits can eat tomatoes, but only as a treat. Either small or large, juicy or not, red or yellow, cherry or not, tomatoes are not poisonous. The fruit is not bad for rabbits excepting all plant parts like the leaves, vines, flowers, and stems which are toxic. The green fruits […] Read more »

Amazing Variety Of Rabbit Sounds And Noises

Amazing Variety Of Rabbit Sounds And Noises

Have you ever heard the voice of a rabbit? How does a rabbit sound? Normally rabbits are very quiet and reserved animals. They are prey animals and don’t want to be seen or heard that much. They are longing for love but they want their time alone too. A better grasp of their thinking will […] Read more »

Can Rabbits Eat Strawberries?

Can Rabbits Eat Strawberries

Can rabbits eat strawberries? As part of taking care of him, you probably enjoy his appetite while eating delicious foods! You want to see him happy but being healthy is as important as being satisfied. Can Rabbits Eat Strawberries? Yes, but only in small quantity and only from time to time. Strawberries are not toxic […] Read more »

What Do Rabbits Eat For A Longer Life?

What do rabbits eat to have a longer life

What do rabbits eat, if they are to be kept for a longer period of time, is a matter of doing things as simple as possible. A wise rabbit would be a delightful presence into your house. Your rabbit doesn’t need fancy treats. Therefore, to reach that level, don’t be hesitant and keep it simple! […] Read more »

How Long Do Pet Rabbits Live?

How long do pet rabbits live

How long do pet rabbits live? Ask yourself how well you take care of a rabbit in terms of food, housing, stress-free lifestyle, veterinary care, mental stimulation and a lot of love. The breed is also an element but not as powerful as diet and care are. Years ago there was a myth saying that […] Read more »

Thinking About Having A Rabbit As A Pet?

Thinking About Having A Rabbit As A Pet

Having the right expectations is key when thinking about having a rabbit as a pet. Binkying, Nose Bonking, Bunny Flops, Bunny 500? What’s that all about? Just happiness routines! Well, don’t hurry up! Do your homework! Don’t buy a rabbit on impulse without knowing anything about his care and needs. Are you willing to be […] Read more »

How To Play With Your Bunny?

How To Play With Your Bunny

Why should you care about playing and exercising with your bunny? Before knowing how to play with your bunny, you need to understand why this is essential to your pet. Like humans or their wild relatives, pet rabbits do also need to exercise and play. In the wild, rabbits run around 3 miles each day! […] Read more »

What Do Wild Rabbits Eat?

What do wild rabbits eat

Hop to it: what do wild rabbits eat? Whatever may be your case: you unexpectedly became an adoptive parent of a wild baby rabbit; planning to adopt a wild rabbit; you frequently see a wild rabbit in your yard and you want to feed him (though, it is important to know if you should try […] Read more »

How Much To Feed A Rabbit?

How much to feed a rabbit

If you wonder how much to feed a rabbit (adult rabbit, baby rabbit or young rabbit) you are in the right place. Getting the right quantities is a matter of experience that you gain with time and knowledge. The guidelines you should follow depend on the age and weight of your pet rabbit. A rabbit […] Read more »