What Do Wild Rabbits Eat?

What do wild rabbits eat

Hop to it: what do wild rabbits eat? Whatever may be your case: you unexpectedly became an adoptive parent of a wild baby rabbit; planning to adopt a wild rabbit; you frequently see a wild rabbit in your yard and you want to feed him (though, it is important to know if you should try […] Read more »

How Much To Feed A Rabbit?

How much to feed a rabbit

If you wonder how much to feed an adult rabbit, baby rabbit or young rabbit you are in the right place. Getting the right quantities is a matter of experience that you gain with time and knowledge. The guidelines you should follow depend on the age and weight of your pet rabbit. A rabbit should […] Read more »

How To Choose The Best Greens For Rabbits?

The Best Greens For Rabbits

What to consider when you’re choosing the best greens for rabbits? So many choices to feed our rabbits when it comes to fresh food. There will always be a lot of questions and some uncertainty regarding the vegetables we can or cannot feed our house rabbit. In this article, you will understand why veggies are […] Read more »

Can I Give My Rabbit Potatoes?

Can rabbits eat potatoes? We humans, do like our fair share of potatoes. Fried potatoes, roasted or mashed, one thing is clear: we like our potatoes. But what about your pet rabbit? In our globalized culture potatoes are the number one vegetable crop in the world. We mainly have these types of potatoes: white or […] Read more »

Can I Give My Rabbit Cat Food?

While it might seem ok to let your rabbit indulge in cat food, it’s ultimately quite dangerous for them to snack on cat or dog food. Cat and dog foods are designed for carnivores, not for herbivores. They are high in protein and fat as well as carbohydrates in the form of grains and while […] Read more »

Can I Get My Rabbit High?

In March of 2015, the US state of Utah was considering a bill that would allow edible medical marijuana to be used to treat select debilitating conditions in humans. According to testimony presented to a Utah Senate panel special agent Matt Fairbanks, an agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), if the bill passes, the […] Read more »

Can I Give My Rabbit Garlic?

Garlic has been used worldwide for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. Contemporary research has confirmed that garlic possesses numerous antioxidants that kill bacteria and free radicals in the blood protecting and strengthening the immune system. Some rabbit owners will tell you that garlic is bad for rabbits and it’s true that in large quantities […] Read more »

Can I Give My Rabbit Ibuprofen?

Humans often take Ibuprofen for managing pain but human medication can cause complications in rabbits. Pain is defined as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage. The experience is subjective, as different people will respond differently to pain, but animals can’t communicate with us verbally. This makes it especially […] Read more »

Can I Give My Rabbit Grass Instead Of Hay?

The most important thing of a rabbit’s diet should be unlimited quantities of hay, which is dried grass. Its high fiber content is the primary component for maintaining good dental and intestinal health. Without fiber, the rabbit’s digestive system cannot move food through the gut and their ever growing teeth will not wear down and […] Read more »