Rabbits For Sale In Texas

1. This is Angus.

He is a two years old Giant Flemish that is waiting for you!

He is one of  the biggest rabbit so please make sure that you have a lot of space to keep him. Also, he requires lots of food and special care. His food is also extremely pricey as his diet consist in: pellets, hay, and treats (apple, berries, cucumbers, dandelions, pineapple, tomato, spinach etc.).

The “special needs” that he needs are:

  • A very big cage, where he can stay relaxed
  • Lots of exercises because he can get overweight ( his diet consist lots of food and calories because he is extremely big, but that doesn’t mean that he can not get fat)
  • He needs regular medical checks 
  • He is very patient and sweet but we recommend that around children to keep an eye on them because he might get a little bit anxious if the kids are very noisy and he might bite them as a defense mechanism

The reason why we are giving him away at such age, is because we bought him so we can participate at different competitions but we got tired, because this kind of things requires lots of money and spare time. Otherwise he was the perfect pet in our opinion. 

The price range is in between 100$ and 200$, but that doesn’t mean that I am willing to accept the lowest price without a “fight”.

For any other type of information, contact me at this number: 0897968565

2. Blanc de Hotot

He is Matt LeBlanc, as in the actor who played Joey in the well-known series called Friends. This was the first thing that came through our minds when we find out what kind of species he is.

Most exactly, he is a Blanc de Hotot rabbit who is seven months old.

He is a very cute rabbit that has a chic “eyeliner” around his eyes.

We got him as a present from one of our friends but with our busy schedules, we don’t have time for him. We are very sorry for that but there is nothing we can do.

We have to sell him. We searched on the internet what is the price for this kind of bunny and we think that 100$ is a fair price. We are going to sell him with all of his accessories and foods we bought for him.

For more pieces of information call at this number: 09986655867

3. English Lop rabbits for sale

We have English Lop rabbits for sale!

We have eight of them: four girls and four boys.

They will be ready to go in three weeks, so you have all the time to think about buying one of these cuties.

Please keep in mind the following:

  • They need a very big cage, so they can have plenty of space to move around
  • The floor of the cage should be made with metal or wooden, rather than wire
  • They should have a water bottle in their cage so they can hydrate themselves
  • During the winter be extra careful with the water bottle, because they can wet their ears and then they will be freezing
  • They should eat maximum of two cups of pellets which contains 16-18% of their proteins. The rest of the diet should contain hay, fresh veggies and fruits (all in moderate portions – for more information of this type please contact a vet or a pet nutritionist)

The price for a bunny is 150$. For more information please contact me at this number: 0878686787

4. French Angora Rabbit for sale

I have a female French Angora Rabbit that is one year old.

I would like to find her another family as she leaves lots of hair around the house. She is extremely cute but our daughter doesn’t get along with the rabbit hair as she sneezes a lot and I have to clean all the time.

For the one that is going to take her:

  • I will give you the accessories I bought for her
  • She needs special care: fur care, proper food (please contact a vet for that) and periodical medical examinations
  • She is ok around my daughter. She never bite her or scratch but keep an eye on your kid (if you have) around her at least for the first times.

The price is 50$. For more information contact me at this number: 0776899088

5. Netherland Dwarf Rabbits for sale

We have six Netherland Dwarf Rabbits for sale. They are seven weeks old and in another three weeks they will be good to go.

Two of them are boys and the rest of them are girls.

This is the smallest breed, so they are not so expensive when it comes to food and cage space. 

They are very adorable but please keep an eye on them around children because kids tend to be extremely noisy and playful and this rabbits although are usually calm, they might get nervous and as a defense mechanism, there is a possibility to bite them.

Their diet consist in: pellets, hay, fresh veggies and fruits. Don’t try to overfeed them, they won’t eat to much. 

The price for such a rabbit is: 100$

For more information please contact me at this telephone number: 098978987990

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