Rabbits For Sale In Arkansas

1. We have Mini Satin baby rabbits for sale.

We have six Mini Satin bunnies (five girls and one boy) that are waiting to be bought by some lovely families.

They are very cute and lovable and make great pets.

How to take care of them:

  • Because they are small they make great pets for houses and the same time for flats because they don’t need a lot of spice. Despite that, we don’t recommend keeping them in an external space because they can be eaten by wild animals.
  • The floor cage should be covered with hay. You need to clean their cage every single day because they will leave excrements everywhere. Also, it’s important to keep the cage clean for their health.
  • Their diet consists of: pellets, hay, fresh veggies and fruits. Don’t try to feed them with rotten fruits or fruits that are high in sugar. If you want to give them traits from time to time you can give them: carrots, cucumbers, pears, peaches, mango. For more pieces of information of this type please contact a vet or a nutritionist.
  • Their different from other species of rabbits when it comes to health because they are not predisposed to some unique illnesses. They can suffer from other health diseases like other rabbits.
  • They are very calm and patient as animals.

The price is 60$.

For more information please contact me at this telephone number: 09898677545

2. We Have Belgian Hare Rabbits For Sale


We have four Belgian Hare bunnies for sale. All of them are females.

Things you have to know about them before buying one:

Due to their size and energetic nature, we recommend supplying the bunny with an outsized cage to enable them to play and jump freely. For an outside rabbit, the perfect house is a hutch with a water-resistant roof, and raised off the bottom.

Belgian Hares should have a cage with a minimum of a 24 by the 60-inch floor and a height of 24 inches. A cage should be at least 36 inches wide and 72 inches in length.

Softwood shavings mustn’t be used for the ground of the cage because they will cause them respiratory problems. Fine sawdust can cause eye irritations so this must be avoided.

You should provide them with litter especially in cold and wet weather for the outdoor rabbit. A recommended practice is to position the straw on top of a layer of the hardwood shavings within the sleeping compartment, so as to make sure warmth and insulation for an outside rabbit.

The precise dietary requirements of a Belgian Hare rabbit don’t differ significantly from other breeds of domestic rabbit, and just like the majority of rabbits, the foremost important component of their diet is hay, a roughage that reduces the prospect of blockages and malocclusion whilst providing indigestible fiber necessary to stay the gut moving.

Grass hays like timothy are generally preferred over legume hays like clover and alfalfa. Legume hays are higher in protein, calories, and calcium, which in excess can cause kidney stones and loose stool.

It is recommended to feed the Belgian Hare with two cups of chopped dark, green, leafy vegetables per 6 pounds of weight and up to 2 tablespoons of fruit or carrots per 6 pounds of weight daily.

It’s common for a few owners to give them treats from time to time, although in very limited quantities, which might include some pellets, a slice of strawberry, or other healthful foods.

Commercial treats are available within the pet stores may be fed, but owners should keep one’s distance from anything with a yogurt coating or other ingredients that the rabbit wouldn’t encounter within the wild.

The price is 150$ per rabbit.

For more information call me at this telephone number: 0089878765

3. I have a Blanc De Hotot rabbit for sale named Kevin.

He is two years old and a very sweet friend.

The reason I want to give him to another family is because my mother got upset because he chewed our furniture. Usually we have a special room for him where he can play all day. We have no furniture or electric wires in there.

But my little sister left the door opened and he escaped the room and finally arrived in the kitchen where he started to chew our chairs.

Anyway, I am going to sell him for 40$ with all of his accessories and the food that we bought for him.

What you need to know before buying him:

  • His diet consists of pellets, hay, fresh veggies and fruits. Please don’t give him anything that is high in sugar or anything that is not rabbit food. Don’t try to feed him with human snacks.
  • He needs plenty of water, so don’t forget to put him a bottle full of water.
  • Don’t expose him to humidity, extreme weather and loud noises (he can get anxious very quickly and as a defense mechanism he might bite)
  • He is litter-trained. Placing a litter cat in his cage or his room should be enough for him.
  • Make sure you are cleaning his space at least three times per week. Although I would recommend cleaning after him every single day.
  • He doesn’t like to stay in dark. He will start crying the minute you leave him alone in the dark. I will give you his night light that you should always leave it on during the night.

For more information please contact me at this telephone number: 0998877800

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