Rabbits For Sale In Alaska

1. We are selling Netherland Dwarf bunnies.

They are seven weeks old. We have six bunnies for sale, three females and three males.

They are very cute and make good pets even for those families that have children. 

Their childish look is what makes them so adorable. Also, because they are a small breed they don’t need a lot of space.

How to take care of them plus facts:

  • Their diet consists in pellets, hay, fresh veggies and fruits. Keep in mind that root vegetables and fruits with high levels of sugar should not be given to them.
  • They have a much higher intelligence than other rabbits and because of that they can be litter-trained, as choose the exact same place for their droppings.
  • They are a very active breed.
  • They are predisposed to stress and nervousness.

The price is 100$.

For more information please contact me at this telephone number: 0987876879898

2. We are selling French Angora bunnies.

They are twelve weeks old. We have five French Angora bunnies for sale (four females and two males).

They are extremely fluffy and lovable. They are the perfect pets and they are waiting for you!

Things you should know about them:

  • They require frequent grooming. You should brush them with a slicker brush so their hair won’t get tangled.
  • They need a diet with at least 13% fiber to prevent them from wool blocks. For more advice please contact a vet that is qualified to give you this kind of information.

The price is 70$.

My phone number: 097878909877

3. I have a Holland Lop bunny for sale.

This is Mario. He is a very cute Holland Lop rabbit that is two years old.

The reason why I would like to give him away is because of the pandemic I struggled to feed him properly as my salary suffered some changes.

Thanks GOD I didn’t lost my job as some of my friends and relatives did, but I still can’t manage the rabbit with the amount of money I have right now.

Things you need to know:

  • He is a very active rabbit.
  • He needs toys to chew.
  • He needs a basic grooming.
  • He is not predisposed to some unique health illnesses. He might get ill as other breeds do. For now, I have a medical certificate that confirms he is not ill and has all of the vaccines.
  • His diet consists of: hay, pellets, fresh veggies, and fruits. Please avoid to give him fruits that have a high quantity of sugar, as he can diabetes.
  • His favorite toy is a little carrot made of rubber. He likes to chew that a lot. You will see that is almost destroyed but he loves it so much.
  • He prefers to sleep on a pillow. So, it will be better if you will put one in his cage. Make sure that covers all of the floor space because otherwise, he can not sleep.
  • He doesn’t like to stay in the dark. He will start to panic and cry if you let him without any source of light. I am going to give you a night light that you should leave it on all night.
  • You should put a bottle of water in his cage so he can stay hydrated.

The price is 40$. I will sell him with all of his toys and accessories.

For any other information please contact me here: 09087654234

4. This is Ben!

He is a Giant Flemish rabbit and is three years old.

We had a farm where we kept other animals among him but we had to move away and we decided to sell all of them because we can not take them with us. The only one that is coming with us is our dog.

He is a big rabbit, so please make sure you have a lot of space for him in your lovely home!

Things you should about taking care of him:

  • As I said earlier, he is a very big bunny and he requires a lot of space. His cage needs to be extremely big.
  • He is a very active breed so he will also need to do loads of exercises in order to stay healthy because he can get easily overweight.
  • Because he is extremely big you will have to spend a lot of money on food. His diet should consist of 16-18% of pellets, hay and fresh veggies and fruits. Don’t forget about freshwater!
  • He is very sweet and calm around children and animals but be careful when he is around something noisy because he can get a little bit anxious and as a defense mechanism he might bite.
  • You can participate with him at different competitions if you want.
  • He does not suffer from any illness. I have his medical certificate that can guarantee that.
  • To make his diet is best if you can contact a vet or an animal nutritionist.

The price is 100$. I can negotiate the price over the phone but I won’t get lower than 80$.

For more information, please contact me at this telephone number: 08987656787

Please don’t call me after eight P.M. or before nine A.M.

If you want to come to see him you are free to do that as long as you are wearing your mask inside my farm. Otherwise, I won’t let you in.

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