Can Rabbits Eat Beet Greens?

can rabbits eat beet greens

Can rabbits eat beet greens, stalks, or leaves?

Red beetroot greens are safe for your house rabbit. And yes, in general, bunnies like to eat them, too. But even if they are able to eat them, the question remains, should you give to your pet rabbit beet greens/beetroot greens on a regular basis? The answer is no, they are not supposed to eat it too often. They should eat it only once or twice a week. Why is that?

1. Even though beetroot greens are veggies, they should be fed sparingly because of the oxalic acid content, like parsley and spinach (high in oxalic acids), so feed them only as a treat. For one serving combine: 1 high in oxalates plant with a 2-4 low in oxalates plants per serving. When you don’t have the right veggies for your rabbit it’s better to stick to the basic diet made of hay, water, and a few high-quality (high-fiber) pellets.

2. Beet tops have a high level of calcium. Rabbits need calcium for their bones, teeth and for their overall health. In general, it’s recommended that your rabbit eats more low-calcium veggies. For one serving combine 2-4 of low-calcium greens and 1 from the list of high calcium list veggies. Veggies that are lower in calcium are asparagus, endives, dandelion, basil, mint, celery, turnip greens, cabbage, or watercress.

3. Beetroot tops do not contain so much fiber as hay does. Leafy greens are nutritious foods and they have their role but you have to limit the amount to a 15% of his diet. The stems have a higher fiber content, so it’s better to feed them to your rabbit than the leaves. The higher calcium content still stands, therefore, moderation is key.

Other things to consider when feeding beetroot tops.

Important! If you feed beetroot or beetroot tops do not panic when the urine gets red on the following day. It’s totally normal. It applies to humans, too.

In fact, beetroot tops are healthier than the beetroot itself. They have less sugar and fewer proteins. Cut them into small pieces so that they will not choke. Wash them thoroughly and buy from organic and pesticides-free stores. Read more about this matter, so “Can rabbits eat beetroot?

Can rabbits eat the beetroot plant cooked or frozen?
Rabbits should never eat cooked food. It has fewer fibers and it’s too starchy for a rabbit digestive system.

Rabbits do prefer fresh to frozen. Frozen greens may change their texture, loose fibers and become too wet and mushy than the fresh ones.

What about baby rabbits and wild rabbits?

Can baby rabbits eat beetroot leaves?
Wait until your little furry friend is at least 2 months old to introduce any vegetable. Give him a just a little bit and wait for 24 hours to see if he can tolerate this kind of plant.

Can wild rabbits eat beet tops?
Yes, but feed him, in the same manner, you would feed a young rabbit vegetables for the first time. He doesn’t normally have access to nutrient-rich foods. They may suffer from diarrhea if they get it in a greater quantity.

Veggies do not promote a good motility in rabbit’s intestines like hay does. They can cause gas and diarrhea. So, to benefit from their vitamins and minerals feed them in moderation. Feed one cup of veggies (leafy greens and non-leafy greens) per 4 lbs of body weight for one serving/day or split it into 2 servings/day. You can also skip some days if you want to. Your rabbit doesn’t mind because hay is the most important feed to them.

So, can rabbits eat beetroot plants? Not every day, not every two days, but one or two times a week with other greens with a lower level of oxalic acid content. When you feed beetroot greens, try to feed as sparingly as possible the oxalic acid plants.

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