10 Baby Rabbits For Sale

1.Baby Lionhead Rabbits For Sale

Beautiful Baby Blue Eyed Lionhead Bunnies. These ravishing bunnies are longhaired fluffy’s, that have unadulterated sea blue eyes. They are fabulous with children and are extraordinary companions.

They are exceptionally neighborly, charming and cuddly to hold and donate you kisses. They will be prepared to go 27th Eminent 2020 If you don’t mind message me for any questions. All bunnies will be vaccinated before going to their new masters.

Price: 100$

2.Giant Baby Continental Rabbits

Beautiful Giant Continental Rabbits purchasable. They are ready to go in 8 weeks so please message us to order.

French Continental Cross German Continental Giants. Mom could be a French Continental Giant and pa is German Continental Giant. These rabbits are large and can grow big so please bear in mind their size.

They are great with children and are brilliant for a primary time rabbit owner. . All Bunnies will be able to go 15th September 2020 All Baby bunnies have gorgeous colors and markings. 4 dark brown 7 white and checkered Your baby rabbit will keep company with a bag of food, hay and shavings.

If you have any questions please ask.


3. Mini Lop Bunnies.

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They are unadulterated bread and my clients continuously send me overhauls of shocking photographs. I’m obsessive about these babies which I really like handling them. they’re very calming and peaceful to take a seat down and watch and take your troubles away. they have been wormed and are gobbled only the only food and veg.

They absolutely adore children and are very interested by everything they arise.
My girl is 5yrs old and she’s continuously doing handstands and cartwheels whereas her bunny is out and it’s silly observing them together. they’ll require shavings for his or her bedding, timothy roughage, burgess rabbit pellets, collared greens and wooden chew toys.

Their hutch should be no but 1 meter 20. they’re visiting need an honest size pet carrier. I’m only doing viewings through videos and photos thanks to the COVID 19 please be at liberty to wish an interview.

It’s a joy to breed smaller than expected lops they’re exceptionally neighborly bunnies exceptionally curious and take after you around like pooches. I favor all my bunnies dearly which I prefer to work out follow up pictures of them in their new homes. they’re visiting need their vaccinations on week 10 to 12. The vets have a monthly plan that you just join usually for around £9 a month which they’ll see you monthly for check-ups and provides you flea and worm treatment. there’s a non-refundable deposit of £30 per bunny to hold one.

Thanks for observing our advert.

Thanks for observing our advert.


4.Adorable Baby Rabbits For Sale, Lionheads, Mini Li

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All our beautiful rabbits are able to go from Friday 7th September we’ve got lion heads, lion head x mini lop and mixed breed. All will be seen with their parents. Cuddled each day and accustomed children. 

They are 7 weeks years old.

 Price: 40$

5. Vaccinated Baby Lionhead Rabbits

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We have baby rabbits for sale vaccinated against RVHD1 and RVHD2. Our Bunny family is composed of boys and girls in lots of pretty colors. They can survive with a minimum amount of food over a few months.

If you would like one don’t hesitate to call: 0988974639


6.We Have The Worlds Biggest Bunnies

My Babies are sold everywhere the planet, Babies visiting the airport have a full vet confer with paperwork. All my babies are sold with a Certificate and every baby has its own code. We hope you wish the pics and there’s a vet letter saying how long Jeff was at 1yr old but he’s bigger now.

We do have some unrelated babies for those that want to breed. the massive bunnies are back within the press again Easter. 2020. All my Adult Bunnies have all their vacations every year. Deposits are non-refundable. Darius is 10 years old now but he’s an awfully fit boy.

We’ve got a vet letter that says this. People are very welcome to come back and see my big bunnies and Darius just give us a call. Because we’ve got 6 Mommy Bunnies we’ve babies all year. the worth goes up in August to £250 for my Babies.

We do have a roster. The babies are vet checked full vacations for mixy V H D 1 and a couple of for an additional £50 with the vet card. The babies are sold with full paperwork and a certificate.

7.Giant Papillon X Californian Ready Now!!

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They are the cutest little babies in the world and they are waiting for you!

They are 7 weeks old. If buy them from us, you will get hay, as long as a cage where you can keep them.

If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us.

Price: 60$

8. True Flemish Giant

This may be a breed that’s hard to seek out. i’ve got 1 pure bred black buck left from my litter of 12. He may be seen along with his mum, dad, 6 month old sister and his litter mates. Please bear in mind that these are giant rabbits they’re larger than most dogs and can need adequate space to roam and an outsized cage, a shed/Wendy home is better for them. He comes from an oversized litter and mum and pop have consistently given me large litters therefore if needing to be used for breeding he will make an incredible addition and throw large litters. His mum is sooty fawn and his dad could be a blue eyed black. able to persist the 12th August. He are often reserved with a £25 deposit. i’m happy to supply viewing with social distancing adhered to.


9. Baby Flemish Giant Rabbits

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I have 8 baby Flemish giant rabbits for sale, if interested please contact us!

They are 4 weeks old and ready to be reserved!

There will be ready to go into new lovely homes in 4 weeks.

If you want to buy one ask for more pictures and information.

Price: 125$

10. 2 Gorgeous Hotot Rabbits For Sale

4 gorgeous rabbits for rehoming, thanks to new circumstances and us now performing from home I can not keep these gorgeous pets in my flat as I cannot give them the space they have to roam and also the attention they have and deserve.

They are 4 house rabbits who need space most significantly and care and love and a spotlight. Happy to rehome for outdoor as they’ll have extra space. Both are males with female names! (Oops!) Both are Neutered And nails trimmed regularly.

There are no pre-existing conditions.

My 2-year-old Phoebe littlest a stocky Netherland predominate hotot bun with lots of identities. She likes to urge to see out likes to be up tall! Adores carrots and cucumber for reviving day time nibble! If it’s not too much trouble keep in mind she Must not be nourished kale Or numerous greens as gives her a foul stomach.

1 year ancient Maisie, lively thumper Netherland overshadow x hotot – taller less stocky- she loves rabbit treats and Timothy roughage! Maisie Likes to tumble over on her side and to be stroked at ground level she is mothered by phoebe. The match of them are the best companions and must not be isolated. They brook a cat so okay to be rehoused With other pets but would want to be bonded which takes time and ideally to not be housed with more rabbits.

Neither of them wishes to be picked up High but are friendly and like their heads and ears being stroked, but unfortunately, I’d say they’re not suitable pets for young children. I would request to stay them in no smaller than 2m x 2m pen with access to a run on a routine and I’d ask to determine where you planned to stay them.

Brown hide house.Price:100$

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