Can I Give My Rabbit a Toilet Paper Roll?

Can I Give My Rabbit a Paper Toiler Roll?
Can you give your rabbit a paper toiler roll?

Just like in humans, daily exercise is important for rabbits to stay healthy. Your bunny will definitely gain a lot of benefits from regular exercise, some of which are smoother flow of blood circulation, and stronger muscles and bones.

Most owners entertain their pets with toys. Giving toys to your rabbit is actually good as it promotes exercise and mental stimulation. Leaving some safe toys to your pet’s cage will encourage him to come out and play. Toys can also help attend to your bunny’s chewing needs, as they absolutely love to chew.

Can I Give My Rabbit a Toilet Paper Roll? Yes!

One of the safest toys that your active rabbit can have is an empty toilet paper roll. You can stuff the toilet paper roll with hay to make your bunny even happier. This will definitely keep your pet happy and busy for hours while eating and chewing on the cardboard tube. Just stuff the hay in tightly so as to give your rabbit a more challenging experience.

Additionally, you can stuff the toilet paper roll with other foods. This will give variety to his diet as well. And then you can hide it to provide your rabbit with an extra task.

Toys for your pet don’t have to be expensive. Sometimes, you just have to be creative.

Cardboard boxes are also great and safe toys for rabbits. Smaller ones can serve as a chew-toy as well. If you can get some bigger boxes then you can cut doors and windows. This will serve as fun hiding places for your pet. Your bunny will surely love jumping through these cut windows and doors.

Also, it is recommended to keep old phone books and ask some friends do the same. Giving your rabbit an old phone book will be a fun playtime experience for him. He will enjoy ripping apart and shredding the phone books into pieces.

Paper bags are likewise safe for your pet. You can give him a regular paper bag to hide in, chew and play with.

Rabbits also love to dig. They have a lot of energy that they have to release. And digging is one of their favorite activities to release this extra energy. Because you can’t really provide your pet a real patch of ground to dig up, then you can improvise. You can fill a box with shredded newspaper to satisfy the pet’s digging instinct.

Remember that it is extremely important to ensure the toys you give your pet rabbit are safe. As rabbits will most likely chew whatever you give them to play with, always check if the materials used are nontoxic.

Also look for any sharp edges, for these can injure your beloved pet. You can use sandpaper to smoothen rough and sharp edges.

Avoid giving your pet toys that contain plastic materials as ingesting plastic can cause blockages and may require immediate surgery.
If ever you give him toys made from plastic just ensure that it is hard plastic such as cat balls with little bell inside. It is a great and cheap toy you can give your pet. He will surely enjoy these little balls to bat around. The sound of the bell inside will also keep him entertained.

A piece of PVC pipe could also be a great rabbit toy. You can get this cheaply from any hardware store. However, ensure to check if the pipe is wide enough so that your rabbit won’t get stuck. Also check if the pipe doesn’t have any little shavings around its edges.

Another kind of cheap toy you can give your bunny is hard plastic baby teething keys. Rabbits also love these. Like babies, they seem to enjoy trying to chew the teething keys. Again, just ensure you only get the ones with hard plastic material.

If your pet’s cage is not big enough to do a lot of playing and running around, then ensure you should get your rabbit out of her cage every day for at least two hours of play time and exercise. Your little buddy will definitely have a good time running, jumping and playing with his toys. Your rabbit won’t get enough exercise if he will sit in his cage all day.

Every animal loves to have fun and play. Your cute pet rabbit is no exception. They may even be more active and energetic that average cats and dogs. So give your bunny safe and fun toys that he can play with and chew on.


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