Can Rabbits eat Apples?

Can I Give My rabbit Apples

Can rabbits eat an apple?

Apples are one of the most popular fruits in the world. They taste great, crunchy, and come in a variety of colors. For humans, it makes a great snack it is low in calories, and has no cholesterol or salt.

Studies also show that the antioxidants in apples help prevent neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, strengthen lungs and reduce asthma attacks. This fruit also contain pectin, a soluble fiber that can help reduce bad cholesterol and blood fat levels. Apples also aid digestion and helps relieve diarrhea and constipation

Additionally, apples are proven to be good for skin health and likewise contain flavonoids that help strengthen bones. With such health benefits, apples are undeniably a great component to a nutritious human diet. But can rabbits eat apples?

Can I Give My Rabbit Apples? Yes, but in very small amounts as a treat

You can feed your rabbit an apple, but only in very small amounts. It should be given rarely only as a treat. While apples are generally healthy for humans, it may be bad for your pet if given excessively. This fruit contains sugar that may be too much for your bunny.

Whenever you feed your bunny with apple, make sure you cut them into small sections. Also ensure to remove the core and seeds. Remember that apple seeds can kill your poor rabbit.

Moreover, do not feed apples to baby rabbits as they cannot digest them yet. Feeding baby rabbits with foods that are high in starch or high in protein could cause digestive problems.

A small slice of apple every few days should be a fine treat for your adult rabbit, given that he is healthy and eating a balanced diet.

It is also important to consider that many fruits may have pesticides and other chemicals. So make sure to wash the fruits and vegetables that you buy from the supermarket. Unwashed fruits that contain chemical may cause illness and even death. Wash the apple and other fresh foods thoroughly before you give them to your rabbit.

Because rabbits are herbivores it is important that their diet is comprised mostly of hay, grass and some fresh greens. Never give them meat products as their digestive system is designed to process high fiber matters such as grass and vegetables. Incorporating some high quality pellets daily is also ideal.

When giving your pet pellets ensure that it is fresh. Always check the label as it should consist of at least 18 percent fiber. It is also suggested not to buy in large amount. Pellets should not be kept for a long period of time to ensure that your rabbit only eats fresh foods. Pellets for bunnies should contain low amount of protein as well. The ideal protein content for your pet is 15 percent.

Hay is also a vital element in your rabbit’s diet. Ensure to provide him with a continuous supply of hay. It is essential to keep your pet’s digestive system healthy. It provides roughage and helps reduce the danger blockages, which are harmful to your pet’s health. Hay will also provide enjoyment comes as your rabbit will spend his time picking through hay. His is a natural behavior for bunnies. You may also try to sprinkle a few treats in there, or stuff the hay into his toys. He will surely have great a time playing like this.

Giving your bunny some snacks and treats is fine. Your pet deserves a good snack once in a while. But ensure to only give him nutritious treats. Avoid sugary, unhealthy snacks. Treats for your beloved rabbit should be rich in fiber. Look for delicious snacks that are made from natural ingredients like grass, dandelion, dried apple, and herbs.

However, it is critical not to give too much treats as it may affect the meal schedule of your pet.

Remember that rabbit nutrition for adult bunnies is different from the younger ones. Adult bunny requires a low energy and high fiber diet. This is essential to prevent him from getting too fat. Like in humans, a balanced diet for your pet is vital to have a healthy and long life.

Besides the nutritious foods and treats you should see to it that your rabbit drinks plenty of water. Insufficient water intake will lead to serious health problems like bladder stones.

Feeding and caring for your bunny may be a challenging task. But it is definitely rewarding. Just keep in mind those foods you should not give your pet to keep him happy, healthy and active.

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  1. Alice says:

    My rabbits get apple every day, along with carrot, cabbage and a dry mix. I cut the core and seeds out though. I’ve never found a problem with this diet. My rabbits are happy, healthy and well fed. Once or twice a week they get banana and every second day they get grass. They have constant access to hay 🙂

  2. Becky says:

    My rabbit just ate..well this afternoon, an apple and it’s seeds….im sooo worried..he is eating hay like it’s going out of style …anyone know what I should do or give him..he is 4 yrs old and 3 lbs. Or so

  3. Becky says:

    My house rabbit has eaten an apple and it’s seeds this afternoon..i’m sooo worried..and one know something I can vets emergencys number goes to a place and hour and a half away

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