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Cold Laser Therapy For Rabbits

Cold laser therapy, otherwise known as low level laser therapy is a beneficial treatment for humans and animals. Dogs and cats, farm animals and even rabbits have conditions that require or could benefit from this therapy.

Cold laser therapy can help to heal many different ailments. But, what is low level laser therapy? To phrase it simply, Low level laser therapy is a form of medicine that emits a low level light that is directed to specific areas. The claims state that these low level lasers of light can enhance cell stimulation, reduce inflammation or reduce pain in the area.

Low Level Laser Therapy is also called Infrared light therapy. One of the most popular devices used for Low Level Laser Therapy is this one, Bemix Pets, Infrared Light Therapy for Pets. These devices are being used by pet owners and veterinarians, both.


The Bemix Pets Infrared Light Therapy can provide many benefits to your dogs, cats and even rabbits. Some of these benefits will include, but are not limited to,

  • Inflammation Reductions
  • Promote healing and skin regeneration
  • Promote Healthy skin and anti-aging promotion

What specific conditions benefit from low level light therapy? To name a few, hip dysplasia, knee pain, arthritis, can help reduce the pain from deep muscle damage and improve skin problems from surgeries or infections.

DVM’s such as one that spoke out in 2013 about the benefits of Low Level Laser Therapy, made their point quite clear. A short excerpt from the statement reads: ‘…is also a useful tool for treating rabbits, too.’ In her explanation of that statement she made mention that low level laser therapy incorporates small amounts of radiation, in a pinpoint laser light that is not minimized by scattering or deflection. 

By using this form of photobiostimulation, the energy is directed to the affected areas to promote regeneration, by increasing cellular energy, stimulating the local blood supply, which in turns promotes healing, reduction of inflammation and boosting the immune system in the affected area.

When using the Bemix Pets Infrared Pet Therapy device, you are promoting the healing to begin and pain to be minimized. The same Veterinarian included that she has seen great success using it at her practice. She has treated rabbits with discosplonylosia, arthritis, post surgical and skin and ear infections, as well as cellulitis.

Although considered an alternative type of medicine, it has been successful when used in combination with traditional methods. Communication must be clear between the owner and the veterinarian. The best interests of the rabbit should be considered and full discussions take place to determine expectations.

Before using the device, it is essential that the user understands a rabbit’s physiology and injury. It may seem as though this is an interesting device, but it is not to be used just to experiment and test your knowledge  with the device.

Non Invasive Therapy

Realistically, this cold laser light therapy is a non-invasive form of therapy that has proven to work well on rabbits. There are some safety issues which must be adhered to before implementing the treatment. Both the Veterinarian and the rabbit, or other patient, need to have the eyes protected with goggles to protect their eyes from the laser light.

Frequencies of treatments will depend on the injury, the affected area and if it is chronic issues. One fact to consider is that treatment and success builds upon each treatment. Each treatment will build on the last one. The veterinarian will determine what is the proper number of treatments to be used in conjunction with traditional treatments.

Imagine the relief your rabbit will feel when cold laser light therapy helps, rather than the stress and added cost of surgery to alleviate some damage or help with any other issues. Low level light therapy is becoming more and more of a treatment than forcing medication into the animals. Most often, those medications make the animal tired, this means they are not moving around as suggested by the vet. With the low level light therapy, there is no drowsiness, your little guy or gal is going to want to jump with joy.

We also understand that not all rabbit owners are going to be comfortable using a low level laser light therapy themselves, that is why we are happy to say that many of today’s vets have this device in their offices. This way, they are able to do treatments on the rabbit, as long as the rabbit is brought into the locations. Having a device at your personal residence will enable you to do the exact same treatment, without the cost of the vet visit, which we know adds up quickly. This device will save time, money,help with your bunny and the pain or other issues that he is experiencing.

Use on Rabbits

The question may still remain, how does low level laser therapy work on rabbits? The equipment itself has a wand that allows the technician to place it directly where the treatment is needed. The machine then gives off cold beams of laser light into the bones or the affected areas of the muscle tissue. The patient’s body is then able to absorb the energy on the cellular level, it converts the light energy into a chemical energy.

The chemical energy then promotes natural biological healing. The treatment has proven useful for older rabbits to regain some mobility and quality of life. This is done by reducing muscle and joint pain, easing osteoarthritis pains. The device has easy to read controls, directions and also includes the battery. When you want to help your rabbit, with the advice and recommendation of your vet, this is the device to look for. This device comes with three treatment heads which makes this a better choice than others.

Studies are showing that the Bemix Pet Light Therapy device works great on rabbits. Bemix provides 3 separate treatment modules and 2 flashing modes. Whether your rabbit fights with a sibling or gets injured in another way, this device can help with:

  • Post surgery healing
  • Topical infections
  • Injuries
  • Mange
  • Dermatitis
  • Bursitis
  • Arthritis
  • Spinal Diseases, plus more!

You always want the best for your pets, you definitely watch what your vet does and says. You follow advice, anything that needs to be done to help your little hopper. When the vet suggests some cold laser therapy, you will be able to perform this in the comfort of your home, where your rabbit is relaxed.

As the rabbit ages, hip dysplasia is one issue that happens to many animals, not just rabbits. The device helps with deep muscle treatment and also topical, you get the benefits of multiple devices in just one. Results will vary depending on the degree of damage or injury, the age of the rabbit and how often treatments are performed. Most often, results will be very evident within 3 to 5 treatments.

When you are able to do the light laser therapy treatments at home, it definitely prevents having the rabbit stress due to being picked up, placed into a carrier, taken for a drive, removed from the carrier, given treatment, and then reverse order to take the rabbit home again. Travel is a stressful situation for many animals, this prevents unnecessary travel.


Results of cold laser therapy include, but are not just limited to these:

  • Pain management
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Acceleration of the healing process for damaged skin
  • Muscle and nerve regeneration
  • Increase in the immune system functions
  • Increase in blood circulation which enables the speed of healing
  • Reduced pain levels in osteoarthritis and joint and muscle pain
  • Increased activity levels

We know for a fact that when your rabbit feels his or her best, he or she likes to move. Rabbits are active animals, imagine being an animal that is on the move constantly, then suddenly you stop due to pain in your knee or other joint. From that point on, moving begins to be less and less. If you can reduce the pain that your rabbit is feeling, you will have him active again in a short time. When he moves, his digestive tract function improves, and soon the rabbit is back to his active self. If the purpose is one such as post-surgical, the device above also helps with hair loss recovery.

Reviews show that some buyers tried it on their own knee joints before using it on their pet, amazingly it helped them also! This means you can get out and play with your rabbit more. Reminder: This is designated as a Pet laser therapy device, it is not meant to take the place of any medical treatment for the rabbit, other animal or the humans! Consult a physician in regards to laser therapy for your medical issues, stick with the vet for issues relating to cold light laser therapy for your rabbit.

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